My 2015 So Far…

My New Years Eve consisted of a pajama party with my parents, Kristin and Rich- Kristin’s BF (do I still need to refer to him as “Kristin’s BF” or do you think people have caught on?) We had some TJ cheese and crackers as munchies. The women drank moscato wine my mom brought over and the guys, beer. Of course, I wore my PRO Compression lucky clover marathon socks under my pj pants.

Lucky PRO Compression SocksThe champagne we had was disgusting, so I supplemented with Sprite and an All Day Nuun for some delicious bubbly!
Champagne NuunIt did the trick, as I was able to wake up the next morning and bust out an awesome run to start my year off right 🙂

New Years Day RunI know this is going to sound crazy, but there was red EVERYWHERE during this run. All the cars that drove by were red, the only color in the trees/woods was red berries, there were red cardinals flying around and the icing on the cake was… literally icing…

Period Cake

Period Cake. There was red cake in the grass next to the trail. I mean, come on. I came home and told Todd that I feel like all the red was a sign that I’m going to get my period. I know we have our plan for injections and IUI starting in March-ish, but I can always hold out hope 🙂

We went over to Alaina’s, my sister in law, and hung out for a bit. She made delicious meatballs with beef, sausage and veal. Todd will be going out of town for a bit soon and they wanted to see him before he left.

Sadly, we had to work Friday, but we made the best of the situation and went to Chick-Fil-A for a lunch date. It was a good choice.

Chick Fil A Date

I also spent time with my family. Every year, my mom makes black eyed peas for good luck. They had us over for apps (shrimp, cheese and summer sausage with crackers), drinks (Sangria) and dinner (pork loin, black eyed peas over rice and broccoli). Of course we brought the Ry girl, who was so tired by the end of the night from playing with cousin Maddie. Yes, our dogs are our kids.

It might only be a few days into 2015, but so far, they’ve been a great couple of days!

How has your 2015 started off?

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  1. A pj party is all I wanted to NYE, sadly, I was forced to go out. hahaha I love that you found cake on your run, HOW does that even happen. Did someone eat cake while out for a walk (running sounds to nuts while eating cake), did it fall from the sky… weird and awesome at the same time! Sounds like you had a great Holiday with the fam!

    • I’ve had my days of going out… can’t hang with that crowd anymore, haha.
      I wondered the same thing… I guess somebody needed a lot of fuel for their walk/run! If only there was someone there handing out pieces of cake. Now THAT would’ve been awesome!

  2. Fabulous couple days!!! Very interesting about the all red! I totally feel like I get signs, too sometimes. I definitely open up to them. Red cake in the grass? Wow! Have a wonderful weekend!!! Great job on your run!! Awesome!! XOXO

  3. A NYE pajama party sounds totally awesome! I love your lucky, clover compression socks! So cute! I believe in signs so fingers crossed for you that all the red is a good omen! 🙂

  4. I love the compression socks! Amazing!

    My New Year started with a run. And it was fab! Yay! In Czech we have a saying that what you do on the 1.1. that’s what you do the whole year. So I hope the saying is correct :))

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