*Work* New Year Resolutions, Including Futbol

I could give or take on the whole new years resolution thing, but there are a few things that I want to start getting better at work, so I’ll roll with work resolutions…

Limit Coffee/Caffeine

There is an unlimited supply of coffee at work. That is Dangerous my friends. I never let myself have a cup after 11AM, as I’m afraid it will keep me up at night. However, I still have to be careful about drinking too much before then. My boss only drinks decaf, so I try to have just one caffeinated cup and then the rest decaf. I do this at home too by mixing my regular coffee grinds with decaf. Now hear me out, you decaf haters… I genuinely like the taste of coffee, it’s not just for the caffeine. I was once addicted to caffeine to the point where if I stopped drinking it, I’d get headaches. Another reason the whole half caf thing works for me is because when you’re pregnant, you can’t be drinking a full pot of joe. Might as well cut back now!

Drink More Water

To go along with the less coffee thing, I’ve been making it a point to drink at least half my water bottle before I’m “allowed” to have another cup of coffee. I’ve also been trying to drink around 4 bottles worth of water throughout the work day. I’m usually pretty good at this, but when I’m home, I tend to not drink as much. We had 10 days off for the holidays and I definitely slacked on the water consumption. Time to get back on track!


Eat More Colors

My snacks at work are typically a fruit/carb and nuts. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I could use more variety, especially in the color department. I tend to stick with an apple/popcorn/pretzels and then peanuts, soooo red, brown, white, tan. Boring. There are many more fruits out there than apples (although I do really love a cold crisp apple!) with many colors. I guess maybe I could just switch these up seasonally, since out of season fruit costs $$$. Switching up the nuts will be easy. Adding in veggies would help! I’ve been digging tri colored mini peppers lately…

More colors

Walk More

This one can be difficult if I’m in a meeting or stuck with a project that needs to be finished, but making sure I walk around a bit every hour helps keep me more attentive. I also try and wear my PRO Compression socks whenever I wear pants. I know it sounds silly, but it helps keep my legs fresh after mostly sitting all day. Circulation is key people.

PRO at Work

Play Soccer!

I joined our company’s soccer team a few months back and have been trying my best to regain my skills, haha. I played soccer throughout high school, both competitively and on my school team, but I’ll tell you what… I’ve lost almost ALL of what I could do. Marathon running is NOTHING like running for soccer- obviously. Let’s just say it’s been interesting, haha.


What are your thoughts on resolutions? Have any?

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  1. Good luck!
    Can you really see a difference with the compression socks? I’m wearing them for running… On the longer runs… And I sill haven’t worked out if it actually helps or not..

    • Most of the time I don’t wear them on runs, it’s just too hot here, but I’ve noticed a difference in my recovery. Especially when with the onset of shin splints when I start something new. Like soccer!

  2. Hey Heather!!! I LOVE compression socks and I also need to drink more water!! I’m horrible about drinking in general. I don’t drink near enough fluids!! I’m trying to do better, though. Also, those peppers look SO good! YUM! Great goals!!! Have a wonderful Friday!! XOXO

    • I love peppers as a snack. They satisfy that need for a crunch. I need to get some hummus for them though 🙂 Start drinking more water missy! Dr. Heather’s orders 😉 It’s so good for your skin!

      • You’re right about the peppers!! I love that crunch, too! Ohhh I won’t let you down Dr. Heather!! I will drink my water every single day!!! 🙂 🙂 Hehe! Have a wonderful weekend!! XOXO

  3. Great resolutions!! I like to call them goals. I can always say i need to lose weight or cut out the sugar…but who wants to do that!! 🙂 I tend to cook the same stuff week after week so I want to get some new recipes and branch out! I also want to PR a half-marathon and PR a half-ironman!! Here is to a great 2015!!!

    • I agree we should call them goals… less pressure and it automatically sounds more attainable. I need to start making different dinners, too and I also was a PR as in get PRegnant, haha.

  4. Keeping up with my hydration is always a challenge as well. I bought a gallon of water and fill it every night. My goal is to drink the entire thing by the end of the day. It’s actually worked for me!

    • That’s awesome! If I didn’t work in an office, I’d totally try that. I think my boss and the other manager might think I’m a little crazy if I started carrying around a gallon of water, haha! Keep it up 🙂

  5. I’ve been trying to stay on top of my water intake! That’s a good idea with drinking half the bottle before another cup. I’m going to try that. Love your resolutions. 🙂 I may add some to mine. You’re inspiring me to be even better. Thank you.

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