To _____ Or Not To _____… THAT is the Question

To 15k or not to 15k?

The Gasparilla Distance Classic is easily Tampa’s biggest running event. There is a huge expo and there are 4 races total (half marathon, 15k, 8k and 5k) over the two day weekend. As we all know, I’m not supposed to be doing any kind of training, racing or long distance running. I’ve had several people ask me if I’m going to race run that weekend and up until a few weeks ago, my answer was no. The 5k (Saturday) is PACKED, plus, that’s the distance my parents usually do and I go to cheer them on. The half and 8k are on Sunday and I don’t want to drive down there twice. So that leaves me with the 15k…


On Sunday, I wanted to test the possibility of doing the 15k by seeing if I could still “easily” run 9 miles. I figured, if I was huffing and puffing, there’s no way I should run it. I’m not supposed to be pushing my body these days. Wellll, it was a pretty easy run. I’m sure the cooler weather helped so I’m going to test it out again this coming up weekend. Since the price increase has already happened, I’m going to wait to see what the weather is like a little closer to the race and make my final decision.

To make bone broth or not to make bone broth?

I’ve been reading a lot about the benefits of bone broth and I can’t decide if I should make it or not. Pretty much everything I’ve read is anecdotal. Do you have to eat/drink the fat layer on the top to get the benefits? I’m not afraid of a little fat, but that just plain grosses me out. The jury’s way out on this one, but it’s still on the docket.

To Kombucha or not to Kombucha?

I recently purchased two bottles of kombucha, again, after reading so much about it online. Like the bone broth, most of the benefits I’ve read are anecdotal with no real studies done, but both things have been around for a LONG TIME so that should count for something, right?! I tried the ginger one first and it was vinegary and very gingery and I really liked it in small sips. I expected the green one to be on the earthy, grassy side, but it wasn’t at all and I actually think I like that one more.


The “directions” say to drink one bottle a day, but at $3.50 a piece, that ish ain’t happenin. Do you think I’d still “benefit” only drinking half a day? Oh, and Riley wanted to be included in the post. In the green picture, she kept rolling over for belly rubs, so I just went with it. Silly dog.

To park or not to park?

At my work, employees park in the back of the building in a gated area. In that gated area there are reserved parking spots for the managers. One of the managers is out and told one of her direct reports that she could park in her spot. Well, MY boss is also out, people are telling me to park in his spot. HOWEVER… my boss is the director and has a special spot in the front of the building. Only like 5 people have a reserved spot there. He didn’t directly tell me to park there while he’s gone, but I kind of want to, haha.

To hem or not to hem?

I already know the answer to this, I’m just trying to convince my cheap self to go ahead and do it already.

Safety Pin Hem

Ya, those are safety pins.

To cut or not to cut?

I really need to get my hair done. I can’t decide if I want to get it colored and trimmed or cut.

Hair Cut

I want beautiful, long, thick hair like my sister, but it sucks to have long hair when you run. Not to mention, I have thin hair and all the hair products in the world wouldn’t get me hair like this…

Kristin and RichIsn’t she gorgeous? Ugh. <- Just kidding, I love her and her hottness.

What’s your ____ or not to ____?

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    • I do love the race atmosphere! And I was surprised that I liked the taste of Kombucha… I’m sure bone broth is yummy but do I make it or buy it? Hmmm. Still on the fence about the hair…

  1. I say run it Heather!!! You know you are a total BOSS on the roads!!! The only thing that would sweeten the deal was if I could race with ya’ but I’m doing the 8K which is on Sunday as you know and I’m doing my packet pick up on Friday.

  2. Yes to the 15K!! Duh, you already knew i would say that!

    Bone broth grosses me out, but I love Kombucha. My favorite is the Gingerberry. Try it!

  3. I love kombucha, my favorite are the berry flavors. Love it but it is SO expensive. I’ve toyed with making it myself, but who am I kidding, I don’t have time for that!

  4. -DO THE 15K.
    -I’m not one to ask about bone broth, just the thought makes me shutter.
    -Kombucha all the live long day, and then send me your scoby so I can attempt it.
    -I like walking, so I always park far.
    – I hate pants, you should def hem those.
    – CUT your hair, long hair and running do not mix. Sad truth.

    OK my turn…to bake or not to bake right now? I want to…but I will eat everything I make. Always a struggle.

    • I HOPE that you choose to bake. And you can send me any goods that you make. Seriously, I’ll PM you my address and then I’ll send you my scoby in return.
      No bone broth for you? Shocker. 😉
      I like to walk too, but not in work clothes.
      PS You’re awesome.

    • Wise advice. If this race was even a month ago, I would’ve said no, but now that we have our baby making plan and aunt flow obviously isn’t coming, I’m not as worried about a little more distance.
      Hope the girls are doing good <3

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