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I’m linking up with Amanda for her “Thursday’s are for thinking out loud” posts. I figured, it’s kind of like my fave confession posts, so I’m gonna roll with it.


* I made a huge batch of lentils over the weekend and I’m afraid they’ll go bad. Actually, I know they won’t go bad, because I NEVER waste food. I think I’m just afraid I’ll get bored with them. You can’t eat too much of them right?! I mean, they are a perfect protein/carb food.


* Body Pump 92 was released this week at my Y (it was superhero themed) and I already really like it! Usually it takes me a few classes to get used to the new routine and music, but this release I like from the get go. The squat track is awesome and I LOVE all the clean n presses! The only thing I don’t like is the Ab track. Love the song (Fancy) but I think the moves are too slow.

Body Pump 92

* I really need to bring a metal fork to work when I’m eating salads for lunch. I think I get too excited and poke too hard to get everything in one bite. At least this happened once I was almost finished…

Broken Fork

* Two things about this mug… 1) My sis has had the same one, but my mom broke it and now I’m on a mission to replace hers. 2) I never really wore lipstick, but Kristin bought me some good quality lip sticks for Christmas and I’ve been wearing it regularly. I’m not a big make up person and I think it adds just enough color to my face without going overboard.

26.2 Mug* I really love going to my parents for dinner and to hang out. I think Sunday dinner is the best, even when it’s simple. Roasted chicken, green beans and roasted cabbage, onions and carrots. We’ve never roasted cabbage before and everyone (even my dad!) really liked it.

Sunday Dinner

* I thought I would totally love the pumpkin spice flavored JIF Whips, but it’s just OK. I saw it on sale at Target and so OBVIOUSLY I had to try it. Meh. I wouldn’t buy it again. I’d be better off adding PPS to the almond butter I make.

JIF Whips Pumpkin Spice

Looking at all previous bullets… I think a lot about food. HA! Guess this was more of a “randoms” post than a “thinking” post, but hey, I like to think about random things, so it’s fitting.

Give me a thought of yours or a recipe with lentils (not soup!)…

PS I love Thursdays because the new Publix Ad comes out 🙂

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  1. I go over to my parents’ every Sunday for dinner as well, and it’s seriously something I look forward to every week. Not only because it means I get a day off cooking (and leftovers!!), but because moms always seem to make the best meals. Even if it’s something I can make myself… my mom’s version always tastes better.

    • YES! My mom’s cooking is always better and leftovers are always nice 🙂 Glad I’m not the only adult who looks forward to hanging with her parents, haha.

  2. I look forward to Sunday dinner as well! For me, it’s at my in-laws, and they typically prepare a great meal. I don’t always get leftovers, but when I do, it’s great to have lunch for days. Also, thank you for trying that pumpkin spice flavored jif. I’m glad I didn’t end up buying it, it sounds like it wasn’t the best

    • I wish my MIL would have us over more… she’s a great cook, but doesn’t ever do it anymore 🙁
      Ya, don’t waste you’re money on the PPS Jif. Much better pumpkin things for $2.44 haha

  3. Ok, please help me out. I just bought some lentils but have never made them before. I have a texture issue so I don’t like mushy things. What is the best way to cook so I can keep some crunch?

    • In the picture, I sauteed some onion in the pan first, then added about 2 cups dry lentils (mine don’t have to be soaked beforehand) and 6 cups of water. Bring to a boil and then let simmer for about 30 min. They aren’t mushy, but I bet if you check them after 15/20 minutes you might get a better texture. Just keep adding time if they are too crunchy. Hope this helps!

  4. Hey Heather!! I love that you talk about food a lot!! That’s the best!! Food makes me happy!! Lentils are really good!! I don’t eat lots of ’em, but I should because they’re really delicious! And mmm…green beans and roasted cabbage!! YUM!! I love cabbage!! Your meals always make me hungry!! It’s great!! XOXO

  5. I always make giant batches of my base foods like lentils, rice, beans, quinoa etc…then I can just add veggies and some kind of protein to them and BAM. Quick and easy, and possibly a bit boring, but better than reaching for a Twix bar when the hunger beast strikes. I don’t know why, but those Jiff whips scare me…like legit scare me. I haven’t tried them and don’t see myself ever purchasing one. I think they have dairy in them anyway, but still…something about them…MORE FOR YOU. Or maybe not cause you aren’t sold it sounds like either. HA.

    • 2 workouts definitely = 2 cookies and ice cream! Mixing the lentils with rice and veg is a good idea! I need to mix my foods more, I always eat things separately.

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