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I feel like my “at work” WIAW are probably getting boring for you guys and gals. During the week, yogurt/zoatmeal, some form of eggs or salad, a PB&J or apple are just the easiest things to make and bring or keep on hand at home. This week I’m going to switch things up and share my Sunday eats…

Breakfast: It was rather cold for Florida on Sunday (low of 54) and I knew I could sleep in and still have perfect running weather, so that’s what I did. I ended up sleeping until 8:15ish 🙂 Once I got up, I had some water and half a banana, sorry, no pic. While I chatted with Todd I munched on two cookies (more on these in another post).

Speculoos Cookies

The cookies seemed to do the trick because I had a great run! My thought was that the cookies were calorie dense but a small amount of food, so I could run right after eating them. Usually I have to wait 30 min or so. Between these cookies and the naner it’s almost 225 cals… that’s like a bagel.
Sunday Run

Hydration: See the salt lines on my arm and face? Ya, it was chilly and low humidity and I STILL sweat like no other. Just goes to show you how important hydration is, even when it’s not hot out! Nuun to the rescue like always!


I hit up Trader Joe’s this weekend and got this coconut creamer. It’s pretty good! Very lightly sweet, but not really. Doesn’t really taste to coconutty either. Maybe if you’re looking for the taste, but other wise, not so much. Long time readers of HRF will know what this mug means…

TJs Coconut Creamer

Breakfast: Pumpkin Pancakes!!! I love pancakes. I only had about 1/4 cup of pumpkin left, so these weren’t overly pumpkin (hence the lack of orange color) but there was a hint of it. In the mix goes: 3/4 cup Hodgson Mills Insta Bake mix, 1 large egg, pumpkin, 1/3-3/4 cup almond milk or water. I make 3 manhole sized ones, but if you like smaller super fluffy ones, you could easily make this into 6.
Pumpkin Pancakes

Riley was wining for a walk, so after pancakes I took her out to enjoy the nice weather and catch some lizards.Riley bushesBreakfast 2: Once we got back I another cup of coffee to warm up before getting cold again with a smoothie. I add ice, almond milk, vanilla whey protein powder, PB2, and spinach and blend away!

PB2 Shake

See that “tree” on the table? A guy at work is traveling until May and I am watching it for him 🙂 After my shake I FINALLY shower and head over to meet Baby Beau! So tiny and so cute!

Baby BeauCame home and prepped some food for the week. Brussel sprouts are back in my life! I munch on a few of these while I made lunch.

Brussel SproutsLunch: An easy peasy lunch. Red/green peppers and onions sauteed and turned into an omelet with cheddar cheese, steamed asparagus and some unpictured lentils, right out of the container, on the side.

Omelet Asparagus

After some laundry and vacuuming, I headed over to a girlfriends house for dinner.

Rib DinnerDinner: Baked beans with bacon and ground beef mixed in, green beans, sweet potato fries and the star of the show… RIBs! Made in the Big Green Egg. They cam out SO.GOOD. We had brownies for dessert, but I didn’t get a picture.

Big Green Egg Ribs

When I got home, I felt bad that Riley had been home alone most of the day, so I took her for a nighttime walk…Ry Night WalkShe kind of looks like an alien with the red tint. Took this picture under a street lamp with no flash. Though it looked pretty cool.

Dessert 2: After our walk, I decided it was still a good idea to have a nut butter shot, so we cuddle on the couch while watching a DVRed episode of Parenthood. I’m pretty sad this is the last season.

Shot Snuggles

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Have you ever had anything cooked in a Big Green Egg?

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    • Yup! Same here… 250 cals from a bagel (while still yummy) just sit in my stomach, so unless I have an hour to digest, lighter’s the way to go. I bet dates in PB would be another great option 🙂

  1. HEY!!! 🙂 That coconut creamer is pretty good, but agree with you about the taste!! You always eat the best meals. You have such a balanced diet!! I love it!! Have a great Thursday! XOXO

    • Well thanks, Kristin. I sure try to have a balanced diet, but it doesn’t always work out that way… like the Chick Fil A fried sammie I had for dinner last night ;/ Everything in moderation though right?!

  2. So jealous you go every week! No can do anymore with my 9-5, haha. It’s just too crazy on the weekends. I’ve had lots of baby practice, that’s for sure, now if only I had my own! Miss you too lady.

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