Confessions Part 2

Ya, I know… I JUST did a confessions post. BUT I did say there were some things that I forgot about and I’m here today to tell you them!

I wore the same pair of shorts THREE times without washing them. Sure, I wear the same pair two times in a row, but three? I sweat less in the cooler temps and the third run was on our treadmill, so it’s not like anyone could smell my stank! I also wore the same pair of socks twice. Now that’s a little gross, but hey… I did it and these are my confessions, so I have to be honest.

Dirty Shorts

I haven’t been flossing every day. Actually, I went a whole week not doing it. I love love love the Glide floss, but when I get lazy, I’ll use Todd’s water pic. It works really well, but I think regular flossing is better. Leslie… thoughts?!

 glide dental floss

I’m still struggling with not being able to train. You’d think it would get easier as the time goes on, but it doesn’t. Everyone is training from something or running this fun race or setting their 2015 PR goals. I want to do all of that, too! Picture me with a pouty face. Social media doesn’t help the situation, with everyone posting their race pics and recaps. I try to vicariously live through others, but it doesn’t always work. I want to run Boston again. I want to try for a 3:05-10 marathon again. I want to train again. Shoot, I want to just run a marathon again! I. I. I. I. I. I know I need to stop with all the negative talk and think about the bigger picture, and most times I do, but it’s hard. I really love running and the hard work of a tempo or pace run, not just lackadaisical running. At least I’m able to run though right? Right! Positivity. Saw this little gem on Google Images and thought it was quite fitting…

I’ve eaten too much cake and the above thoughts don’t help. Usually when my mom makes a cake for someone’s birthday, that person has to take the majority of the cake home. Otherwise, her and my dad would have cake at their house much too often. Since the German Chocolate cake was for Todd’s going away dinner, it was our turn to take it home… which is good and bad. (This post is a little late, and the cake is finally gone!)

My family cuts cake slices way too big. All my cake eating wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t turn a 16 serving cake into an 8-10 serving cake. Just sayin.

Cake Slice

I love when tea bags have quotes on them. It’s like the tea is giving you a little extra love. Also quite fitting with my confession above.

Tea Quote

I walked out of a yoga class. It was right after a Body Pump class and I don’t know what my problem was, but I just got frustrated and walked out. I felt really bad and called my mom crying on the way home and then cried again to Todd when I got home. I know the whole point it to relax and STOP thinking, but all I could do is think about everything going on.

 This post was supposed to be published over a week ago. Ya, blogger fail. I had the majority of the post written and then completely forgot about it with all the fun food stuff going on in my life, haha.

I miss my ice cream/Froyo dates. Now that I’m a 9-5er (not technically my hours) I’m not able to get as much of the goodness. Maybe once a week?! I like my old average of 3 times per week 😉


Give me your confession…

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  1. You haven’t been eating too much cake you have been having a portion for me haha 😛 but honestly I’ve fallen a bit off the nutritional Wagon over the past month and it has started catching in my training and energy levels so I need to get back on the horse and wear the same pants three times without washing ewwwww you lil’ rebel lol 😛 and you’ll get back to meaningful training again. I’d love to train with you on occasion cause I know you’d kick my butt and help reach my goal. Your a total BOSS when you race.

  2. Confession posts are ALWAYS OK to post. Multiples on multiples!! I can relate to the cake conundrum. While I want to say NO there is never too much cake, sometimes there is. AHHH. Your family doesn’t cut the pieces too big though, if you’re going to commit to the slice might as well do it right! I’ve walked out of a yoga class before. If your mind wasn’t there you’d just suffer through so it’s alllll good!

    • Honestly, getting your approval to walk out if my mind ain’t right, really helps the situation. Thanks seniorita! And I agree on cake. If you’re going to eat it… COMMIT!

  3. Oh my gosh Heather, I think it’s fabulous that you wore the same shorts and socks. I do that, too (a lot, but shhh..)!! Hehe!! It’s perfectly okay if you ask me!! Also, cake!! I love cake!! You can never have enough cake!! Never!! Also, don’t worry about walking out of yoga class. At least you listened to your body and listened to your mind and did what you felt you needed to do. That’s important. Why stay if you’re not into it. Good for you! Have a great weekend! Loved this post! XOXO

    • Your secrets safe with me 😉 Agree on the never have too much cake haha. Coming from a yogi like yourself, I’m glad it’s OK to walk out. I felt really bad and somewhat embarrassed. Hope you’re having a greta weekend too pretty lady! XOXO

  4. If it makes you feel better, my roommate and I once finished 4 1.5-quart tubs of ice cream in 5 days. ._.

    I wear workout clothes over again too! If I didn’t sweat a lot and/or they don’t smell, I like to think it’s not that terrible? 😛

    I also got tagged to do this eons ago, but still haven’t gotten around to posting (sigh). Next week!

  5. I don’t floss daily either and I feel bad every day, I really need to get better at that!

  6. Water piks unfortunately are only good for people who have big spaces in between their teeth or people with braces. Think of this scenario: you wash your car with only water. You don’t use a sponge or rag. When the car dries is there still dirt? Yes of course because you used no mechanical action to get the dirt off. Same thing with the water pik. You are pushing the water around on your teeth but it is not getting anything off as if you were using the mechanical action of the toothbrush or floss!! 🙂 Is that a good enough answer?!!
    Yes…keep thinking positive thoughts and you will be able to train/race for another marathon later. By that time you will be so fired up you will definitely get your 3:05!!
    Do you freeze the cake? I have done that before. It actually works pretty good if you eat the cake within a few weeks.
    Confessions: I have been baking too much! I love it but I can’t imagine that it is good for my waistline!!!

    • That’s a perfect answer! THank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I’ll stick to my regular flossing and just use the pic when I’m lazy.
      You’re so right, I’ll be so fired up I’ll want to work even harder 🙂 Thanks for that insight, too!
      I’ve frozen the cake before and yes, it works pretty well. It’s having the will power to freeze it and not eat it. Ha.
      It might not be good for your waistline, BUT it’s good for your mental health. Plus, you work out enought to negate the affects 🙂

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