Month: February 2015

Stupid Heel, Pre-Breakfast, Core, Bulls Eye

Happy Friday! Today I present to you some of my favorites, and not so favorites, of the week. Let’s start with the bad and end with the good… Before Gasparilla, I broke in a new pair of shoes for the race. Granted, I only put 10 miles on them, but they are the same shoes I’ve worn for years and have never had a problem. Not sure if it’s the shoes or something else, but ever since the race, my left heel has been bothering me. It doesn’t hurt when I’m barefoot or in sandals, but even just walking around […]

Unconventional WIAW

It’s questionable whether or not a WIAW link up will be posted today, but in the spirit of the food party, I figured I’d do an unconventional WIAW with some random eats and treats. Let’s start out with Sunday Family dinner at my parents. This was similar to a dinner a few weeks ago, but it’s baked chicken, green beans and roasted cabbage, onions and carrots. Found these little munchkins on sale at Publix. SUPER good. And addicting. I like the chocolate to filling ratio in bite sized candies. My poor little dogter has been sick She woke up two […]

Gasparilla 15k & 5k Recap

Let’s start this recap off with the expo Friday. I was able to leave work early and meet up with Mary and Grant (her adorbs 11.5 month old). It was great seeing her. Just as Grant was getting fussy, Stephanie arrived and we made our way around the expo, grabbing free samples and talking about race paces. See all the white on the walk behind us? Those are the names of all the runners! I’m on there twice because I’m double awesome. Just kidding. Kind of ūüėČ After the expo, I headed home to walk Riley, start dinner and go […]

Friday Favorties

Here’s another edition of Friday Favorites Coworkers Birthdays. This brownie was BEYOND delicious. Super rich and fudgey and decadent. Stop the stink! The¬†Running Times article, found¬†HERE, gives a¬†step-by-step approach for laundering technical clothing: Allow items to air-dry after you run in them, rather than tossing damp clothing directly into a hamper. Turn garments inside out for washing and drying. Use cold water in the wash cycle. Dry clothes on low heat to save the elastic. Hotter temperatures will shorten the life of your gear. Use less detergent in the washing machine to prevent it from building up on tech fabrics. […]

*What I Ate Wednesday*

The break of the fast…¬†Nothing unusual here. 2% Fage Greek yogurt mixed with pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice. Sometimes I throw it in the break room freezer right when I get in, so by the time I check e-mails and grab a cup of coffee, it’s slightly frozen around the edges Zoatmeal, also with pumpkin and PPS, eaten at work. Obviously pumpkin isn’t only a fall thing in our household. All year long baby. My Morning Medicine… Coffee made with¬†Hot Cocoa instead of creamer¬†and topped with marshmallows. I’m a regular barista over here ūüėČ Obviously followed by some water! Snack…¬†Random […]

2 Years, Weekly Recap, VDay

WORKOUTS Monday: Body Pump Tuesday:¬†.75m easy + .5m @ 6:45 pace x 4 w/.25 rest + .75m easy= 4.5 miles Wednesday: 4 miles @ 8:50 pace with Stephanie Thursday: Body Pump with my parents Friday: .75m easy + 2.5m @ 7:30 pace + .75m easy= 4 miles Saturday: Body Pump/ Yoga Sunday: 10.5 miles @ 8:34 pace with Stephanie ****** That’s right my friends… I brought back the “Workouts” section, for this week and this week only, to celebrate HRF’s 2 year anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been two years. I also can’t believe I’m still not pregnant and haven’t […]

Friday the 13th Favorites

Guess I didn’t need to tell you the date, but since it’s Friday the 13th, I couldn’t resist. And actually, scary movies are NOT one of my favorite things, so let’s get to it… My sister.¬†She left this note on my car during Body Pump (she was getting out of spinning) and it made my day! My mom.¬†Because of her, I STILL have yet to wear the same thing to work twice and I’ve been there about 4 months! This couch is full every week with her clothes. I exchange them out on Sunday’s during family dinner. Silk’s new Cashew […]