Broth Bowl, A Fave Outfit, A Dog & Some Nuun

From the website: Panera Bread’s Soba Noodle Bowl with Chicken…

“Chicken raised without antibiotics, soba buckwheat noodles, fresh spinach, napa cabbage blend, roasted mushroom and onion blend, sesame seeds and cilantro in our umami soy-miso broth.”

Soba Noodle Bowl with Chicken

The broth bowl was pretty good. I kind of expected more broth. It was pretty rich (meaning salty) and yummy, but not uber delicious. The buckwheat noodles were fun and a good switch up from normal noodles. I could see how the grayish color of them might be off putting to some people, but you know that ish doesn’t bother me 🙂 The chicken taste like, chicken. Nothing special. I was disappointed that there were only like 3 spinach leaves in there seeing as it’s the third ingredient in Panera’s description of the bowl.

Panera Broth BowlOverall, I think it was pretty tasty and I’m glad I tried it. PLUS, I got a $5 off coupon. If you watch 3/6 videos on their website, you get the coupon. Couldn’t pass that up! I think my favorite part of the meal was the sourdough bread that comes with it. It was fresh from the oven and oh so delicious. Actually, my favorite part was the company! Christina is moving has moved to VA, so we enjoyed one last meal together 🙂

Ya, shameless bathroom selfie. This is my new favorite outfit. I love the green blue and pop of yellow.

Fave outfit

I really like the look of a tucked in shirt, but when you have a cut on your finger it makes tucking them in so annoying because my finger always rubs on my pants as I tuck.

IMG_20150202_104950076 IMG_20150202_113501843

And when you drink half a water bottle to every cup of coffee in the morning, there is a lot of bathroom-going which means a lot of tucking in. I feel like my poor cut will never heal.

This dog though. Gosh I love her so much!

Sleeping Riley

And she loves when I get packages from Nuun!

IMG_20150204_202316323 IMG_20150204_202415726

Right now, if you buy anything from Nuun you receive FREE single servings of All Day Nuun 🙂 That’s so nice of them!

Will you try the broth bowls?

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  1. Love it! Broth bowl was made better by the extra bread they gave me to polish off the liquid. Best last meal for now ever

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