Friday the 13th Favorites

Guess I didn’t need to tell you the date, but since it’s Friday the 13th, I couldn’t resist.

And actually, scary movies are NOT one of my favorite things, so let’s get to it…

My sister. She left this note on my car during Body Pump (she was getting out of spinning) and it made my day!

Freaking Hott

My mom. Because of her, I STILL have yet to wear the same thing to work twice and I’ve been there about 4 months! This couch is full every week with her clothes. I exchange them out on Sunday’s during family dinner.

Moms Clothes

Silk’s new Cashew Milk. Love it! It’s definitely nuttier than the almond milk is and it’s creamier, too. It’ll be a good switch up.

Silk Cashew Milk

Dove Sea Salt Caramels. I was restocking my desk candy supply, saw these and wanted to give them a try. Super yummy! Not overly salty like some “salted” chocolates are and I like that they are dark chocolate.

Dove Sea Salt Caramels

The center of a PB&J. You know, when all the peanut butter and jelly push to the center and the last bite it just perfect…

PB&J Center

Riley waiting for her Todd to get home. She thought she heard the garage and sat up looking towards the door for a good 5 minutes. She loves her daddy!

Waiting Riley

Running with Stephanie. We ran last week and were able to meet up again for a gorgeous run after work this week. She’s pretty much me a few years ago and QUICKLY gaining ground on the speed front. Post baby training partner right here! (PS Not my most flattering picture :/ )

Running with Stephanie

Starbucks Valentines Cups. I mean, come on. How cute?! It’s the little things.

Starbucks VDay Cups

So apparently, Friday Favorites is a link up thing like WIAW, so I’m joining the Party!

What’s your favorite thing from the week?

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  1. YESSS to the center of a PB&J. It’s like pure crack, and it’s the bite that leaves me wanting ANOTHER sandwich! I had a fantastic Seattle adventure yesterday, which was the highlight of my week!

    • Thankfully, I usually eat my PB&J’s at work so another one isn’t an option… that’s the trick. Can’t wait to read about your Seattle adventure! I want to go there So Bad.

  2. Ummm, I need to run out to the store right now and buy those dove chocolates!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oooh I’d love to find that cashew milk! I love almond milk, and I bet cashew milk is nice and creamy, too. The center of a PB&J is the best! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  4. A couple of my faves: I made some new dinners: vegetable lo mein, quinoa/bean soup, fried rice(a little different than i usually make it) everything was great!!!
    That cashew milk looks great. I will have to try it!! Those chocolates sound good too!!!

  5. That starbucks cup is the cutest thing EVERRR… And I did your moms closet. It’s like having your own vintage shop. #hipsterheart

    • I still have the cup… I can’t bare to throw it away. haha. I don’t know if vintage is the right word… more like I have my own second hand LOFT store 🙂

    • I haven’t worn the same top twice. Between me, my sister and my mom, I have so many options! I’m quite lucky in that regard:) Now pants… those are the same 5 pairs.

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