Friday Favorties

Here’s another edition of Friday Favorites 🙂

Coworkers Birthdays.

Perfect Brownie

This brownie was BEYOND delicious. Super rich and fudgey and decadent.

Stop the stink! The Running Times article, found HERE, gives a step-by-step approach for laundering technical clothing:

  • Allow items to air-dry after you run in them, rather than tossing damp clothing directly into a hamper.
  • Turn garments inside out for washing and drying.
  • Use cold water in the wash cycle.
  • Dry clothes on low heat to save the elastic. Hotter temperatures will shorten the life of your gear.
  • Use less detergent in the washing machine to prevent it from building up on tech fabrics.
  • Do not use fabric softeners, and avoid detergents that contain them. Fabric softeners coat the fibers of clothes, making them impermeable to detergent and water.

Drying Clothes

I knew hanging my clothes over the tub was for a good cause!

Riley on the bed.

Riley on the BedRy Bed Reading

I’ve talked about how we don’t allow Riley on our bed. She’s just too big (60lbs) to share space with. We let her up a while back for the first time in years, but I caved again the other night and it was magical. She just laid there while I read <3

My candy drawer at work.

Candy Drawer

You would think I’d be tempted to eat all the candy, but surprisingly, I’m not! I think since it’s always there, I know I can have it whenever. It’s not like its the last chance I’ll have. Plus, the people like it and I like to make them happy.

Silly dogs.


Riley and Maddie crack me up when my sister or mom has food. They will sit there are just stare, waiting for their offering. They no better than to do that with anyone else, just my mom and sister, haha.

These fun jokes I heard on Ellen:

* What do you call a cow who just gave birth? DeCALFinated

How does NASA organize a birthday party? They planet.

What do you call a fake noodle? An Impasta!

Why can’t you write with a broken pencil? Because it’s pointless.

My Instagram Account.

You can can follow me @HeatherRunsFast Gosh I love that picture. And I can’t wait to be super speedy like that again!

Heather Runs Fast I love running. 26.2 is my fave. I’m married to the most amazing guy. We have a dogter, Riley. Ultimate goal=qualify for the Olympic Trials.

What’s your Friday Favorite?

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  1. OMG that brownie!!!! You candy drawer thoughts make sense…I would still probably eat more than I should having that on hand. Not that it would be a bad thing….

    • I should rephrase the candy drawer topic… I DID eat all the candy one day and it’s kind of like a right of passage I think. Now I just stalk other people’s desk for their treats, haha.

    • I’ve a bunch of stuff in there… Kit Kats, 3 Muskateers, Twix, Dove, Hershey’s kisses, Milky Way. My fave is Reese’s and that’s why I don’t have those, haha

  2. OMG, how do you have that candy drawer and not eat it all? I would never be able to do that. you have some serious willpower girlfriend!

    • I’ve had my days of over indulging, but overall I’m pretty good about it. I know Todd was worried about me around that much candy in the beginning, haha

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