Stupid Heel, Pre-Breakfast, Core, Bulls Eye

Happy Friday! Today I present to you some of my favorites, and not so favorites, of the week. Let’s start with the bad and end with the good…

Before Gasparilla, I broke in a new pair of shoes for the race. Granted, I only put 10 miles on them, but they are the same shoes I’ve worn for years and have never had a problem.

New vs Old Shoes

Not sure if it’s the shoes or something else, but ever since the race, my left heel has been bothering me. It doesn’t hurt when I’m barefoot or in sandals, but even just walking around the house in my shoes puts pressure on it and it hurts.

I ran on Tuesday and it hurt (not painful, but more uncomfortable than it should be) for the first .25 miles and then felt OK… until I stopped. Not cool. I ended up walking Riley this week with the heel cup pushed down so it could heal.

No heel

This really pisses me off and puts me in a crappy mood because in a few weeks, when I start injections to get preggers, I won’t be able to run or workout. Not to mention, I was going to meet up with Stephanie again this weekend for a run.

I really wanted to get as much running in as I could before starting the whole pregnancy thing and this has really derailed that plan. I’ve pushed through injuries one too many times and know I need to play it smart and let this things heal. UGH!!! OK. Enough of the pity party. Moving onto the positives…

Pre Breakfast Avocado

So the above happened for pre-breakfast on Thursday. I woke up extra hungry and polished off half an avocado before heading to work.

I came across this Dirty Dozen Core Routine for Runners and wanted to pass it along.


A co-worker of mine had a bunch of these Bulls Eyes candies at her desk. I took a few because they remind me of my childhood summers when we’d go to North Carolina. I love reminiscing and these certainly brought back good memories. And yes, my sister is in my phone as Shalane- her real name is Kristin. And I am Kara. It’s our thing.

Bulls Eyes Candy

And lastly, the website will tell you what song was #1 on the day you were born. Pretty neat!

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What’s your favorite thing from the week?

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  1. I loveeeedd those candies, they are so unique. Sorry to hear about your heel, but YES let that thing heel, and maybe don’t wear those shoes for a while!?

  2. Hey! Happy Friday!! My song…Everything She Wants by Wham!!!! Hehe, awesome share!! Thanks!! I love fun stuff like this!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, so sorry about your heel. That’s frustrating. I used to have some left heel soreness. It hurt a lot but then I realized it correlated with my tight, left calf (which I have problems with). Consistently doing yoga has really helped to loosen my calves. I hope your heel feels better very very soon!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!! By the way, look at that cutie looking at the avocado!! What a sweetie!! Just adorable!! ๐Ÿ™‚ XOXO

  3. Sorry about the heal Heather that stinks!! I hope the cement of Bayshore Blvd. didn’t aggravate things. You seem to be as much of an avocado-holic as me haha!! I love it as much as sweets lol ๐Ÿ˜› funny how we have the same food likes ha! What I’m loving this Friday … ummm my races photos from Sunday best ones of me in 3 years and the fact that it’s Friday yay!

    • We runners tend to like the same foods, both good and “bad.” Glad you had awesome pics! They seem to be a rarity, haha. And yes! Loving that it’s Friday!

  4. This is what you do for your heel: freeze a bottle of water. After a run roll the bottom of the your foot/heel on it for 20 minutes. (then put back in the freezer) It should feel better. Also stretch your calves really good cause tight calves can hurt the heels!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I do that dirty dozen core routine a couple of times a week. I love it!!!

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