Month: February 2015

WIAW: Random Eats

I’m always taking pictures of my food for the blog. Just ask my family and friends. This means I have an abundance of food pics on my phone and I want to delete them. Sooooo, I’m unloading them in this What I Ate Wednesday: Random Eats edition. Enjoy! Breakfasts: Oatmeal. Shocker. This one has Pumpkin. Another shocker. Random, but I love when oatmeal gets this little “crust” on top after it sits for a bit. I know I’m weird. Toast. Ezekiel bread with butter to be exact. Don’t worry, the bottom half had butter, it just already melted 😉 Protein […]

Weekend Ness

My weekend started like every other weekend… Body Pump at the Y, followed by a run. I run right after class from the Y parking lot and I always make sure to take it easy, as I’ve just pumped it up and already given my legs a workout.I always seem to be hungry after an hour of BP and then 34ish min of running, so I brought some leftover roasted butternut squash to eat on the car ride home. Ya, I couldn’t wait the 15 min it takes to drive home. (Notice the red shorts) After I got home and […]

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