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This week I’ve had to get into work a lot earlier than usual, so I started off my morning with a pre-breakfast of an egg over easy. It was quick to make and eat and put a little something in my belly.

Egg over easy

Early Morning espresso. My boss recently got a Nespresso machine and I am in love! He also bought the little pods you use, similar to the whole k-cup thing, which is awesome. They come out to about .70 cents per cup, so on the “expensive side” if you ask me, but REALLY good! I was definitely awake after this cup!


Breakfast= Greek yogurt and zoatmeal. Same ole same ole here. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I semi froze the yogurt and added TJ’s coconut creamer to my zoatmeal, so it was super creamy and delicious.

Frozen Greek Yogurt Zoatmeal w coconut creamer

Morning snack. A smallish organic gala apple from Trader Joes. I’m loving the organic apples lately, SO much tastier.

Chicken Salad for lunch. In the mix is romaine/spinach, roasted red peppers, feta, chicken, banana peppers and light ranch dressing.

Chicken SaladWith a side of avocado! My paleo coworker walked by as I was eating this and gave me a big high five, haha.avocado side

Snackage: PB & J. DUH!


Winner winner Thai Green Chili Chicken Dinner! I sauteed some cut up chicken in the Trader Joe’s sauce I got back on this trip and served it over a cup of brown rice with left over green beans. I needed some more green to go with this meal, so I cooked up some mustard greens. I’ve been eating a lot of kale and wanted to switch up my greens.
TJ's Thai Green CurryMustard GreensObvs I had to finish the night off with a nut butter shot. Look at those layers 🙂 Homemade almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower seed butter, and PB. The whole thing is about 3 table spoons. Three tbsp of healthy fat goodness!

Nut Butter Shot

Do you like espresso?

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    • I put them in a large pot with enough stock to fill the bottom- I don’t measure I just pour it in- and bring to a boil and then let them steam for maybe 10 min, max. Easy peasy and pretty quick. You could fancy them up with onion and garlic, but I’m pretty plane jane. I know my mom likes them with hot sauce and sometimes I drizzle apple cider vinegar. Try it out 🙂

  1. I like espresso, but need to cut it with a bit of hot water. I was testing our machines yesterday at work by sipping the shots straight and it was a punch to the face. Like a shot of whiskey.

    • They are strong! The machine has a setting for small medium and large so I definitely go with large! Don’t need to put any hair on my chest- ha!

    • Those are SO addicting! Hard to keep them in the house. I used to have a handful before my longs runs to give me some quick sugar and caffeine 🙂

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