Latest Trader Joe’s Purchases

I love trips to Trader Joe’s and I wish there was one closer. Join me for a look into my shopping cart… Let me start off by saying that since the drive is long, pretty much anything that can be eaten in the car is at least sampled.

The Soft Pretzel Sticks are not a new TJ’s item for me. These babies are the best pretzel rolls around. For Realz. Even Riley wants to get in on that deliciousness.

TJs Pretzel Stick Roll

Christina always told me about how awesome the Gyoza is, so I FINALLY tried it and YES! It is super good! The Chicken Cilantro Mini Wontons were just as good and PACKED with flavor. I highly recommend them both.

TJs Gyoza Wontons

The Macarons des Fêtes and Mini Mint Ice Cream Mouthfuls were both in the frozen section so OBVIOUSLY I tried them in the car- hence the missing ones. Both of these are the perfect little treat. The macarons have only 30 calories each, so you can pop a few and not “feel bad.” They have the best texture and I’m really impressed by them. The Cookie Butter cookies pack a big caloric punch, hence why I’ve used them a few times for pre run fuel 🙂 Super delicious.

TJ's DessertsA new to me grain, Barley. I like that it only takes 10 minutes to cook. And I like the chewy texture of it! I have gladly been adding this to the repertoire of grains I eat. I also got some hemp seeds, which also have a nice little crunch and pack a bunch of good Omega fats and protein!

HempSeedBarley.jpgI can never leave Trader Joe’s without trying one of their many chocolate bars. This one is very interesting. There are literally pop rocks IN the chocolate and it has a spicy kick at the end. I gave a piece to the guy who sits behind me and popped the whole thing in his mouth since it’s so small, but regretted it soon after because the heat sneaks up on you. I’m a fan!

TJs Fireworks Chocolate BarI was in need of some more prenatal vitamins and decided to try TJ’s brand out, along with their probiotic and liquid stevia. Haven’t used those yet, so I’ll let you know when I do 🙂

TJs Prenatal Probiotic Liquid SteviaAnd last and actually least, is the Reduced Guilt Spinach and Cheese stuffed Shells. I had these at work and I over cooked them because some of the cheese was burnt but the shells seemed like they could have “cooked” a little longer. Maybe it’s because I don’t really do frozen meals, but I wasn’t impressed. Won’t be purchasing this again.


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  1. I’m a TJs nerd. We go once a week! The cookie butter cookies are one of my favorites. We frequently purchase those potstickers, and we buy the pretzel stick bread in sets of 4 (and freeze 3)- And we get the macaroons at every other trip! Hahaha!!! It’s a drive, but worth it to us!!! I loveeee Trader Joes!

  2. Those stuffed shells look like a winner lol 🙂 an Aldi just opened minutes from my house with I heard is a partner of Trader Joe’s. They have tons of gluten free item’s 🙂

    • Ya, I think it was more the frozen processed food part that was was gross. Their Reduced guilt mac n cheese is pretty good! I’ll stick to making my own shells 🙂

      • Funny, I hate their reduced guilt Mac also! Flavorless I think! Not enough cheese! Now their real frozen original
        Mac n cheese is amazin!

  3. Thank goodness my Trader Joe’s is 45 minutes away – I hardly ever get over there but when I do I seem to spend a fortune! Those macarons look wonderful – I love macarons but can hardly ever find them. Yum – happy eating! 🙂

    • I think that the TJ’s being far is both a blessing and a curse, haha. I too end up spending WAY too much. You must try the macaroons, they really surprised me!

  4. TJ’s is just the best. I haven’t seen those pretzel rolls but I must have those…NOW. Yum. I’ve had the mint ice cream cookies and LOVE those! I’ve been staying away from some of the prepackaged frozen meals because I find that they have a ton of sodium, but they definitely have a place in our house!

    • Agreed on the sodium and they never taste like you think they will. Don’t know why I keep buying them, haha. You MUST try the pretzel rolls. They are fantastic!

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