A Quick Memory, Homemade Doggy Ice Cream and a Money Saving Tip!

Random, but we had our last company soccer game about a month ago and the opposing team had an Italian guy on the team. It reminded me of the last time I “played” soccer before starting this league… It was for about 5 seconds when I passed the ball to some kids down a street in Venice, Italy. Ahh good times 🙂

Soccer in Italy

OK, back to the post topic… You know how much I love Riley and taking her on long walks and occasionally for a run. Well, one thing she has grown accustomed to is getting a doggy ice cream after each of these activities. She literally sits by the refrigerator/freezer, panting away, waiting.

I usually just get the Frosty Paw ice creams from Publix, but that can really add up! We all know I’m rather frugal 😉 so I found a recipe to make my own treats at a fraction of the cost and with real ingredients. I saved the cups from the Frosty Paw ice cream to use for my homemade ones, but I’m sure you could use old yogurt containers, just buy some cheap ones or even use a muffin tin.


* 24 oz Plain, Fat Free Yogurt

* 1/2 cup Peanut Butter

* 1 ripe Banana

* 2 tbsp Honey

Doggy Ice Cream Ingredients


Put everything in a mixing bowl and mix away! This could be done in a blender I’m sure or with an immersion blender.


Pour into containers and freeze!

Homemade Doggy Ice Cream

Of course I tried the mixture and it was pretty good! There’s just a very little bit of sweetness. Riley LOVES them. Easy to make and dog approved. It’s a win win.

Ry Eating

Pic taken before we got new carpet… don’t judge the dirtiness!

Another fun money saving tip is for those oil absorbing sheets that you can buy for like $5.

You know what you can use instead… for free???

Toilet Seat Cover

YUP! The same thing you use to keep your butt clean in public restrooms. Just tear off a piece and wipe your forehead or T-zone or cheeks, or wherever may be oily.

Oil Be Gone

BAM! Oil be gone! You’re welcome.

 Back to randomness… I promise I’ll be back to my normal posting and commenting self soon! Until then… have a great rest of your week!

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  1. OMG I am dying at that toiled cover oil trapper. You are a genius my friend. HAHA. I love that you make these doggy treats for your girl, so sweet and smart.

    • It is pretty funny! And Riley doesn’t really eat ice, she licks it and then leaves it so that it melts into a puddle, haha super annoying. Hope your dog likes these!

  2. Wow, never would have thought of the toilet liner as an oil absorber! Great idea!

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