Israel Part 3- The FOOD!

Last part… I promise 🙂 Here are Israel Part 1 and Part 2.

We all know half the fun of traveling is trying local/regional food. We certainly did plenty of that, but first off, lets take a look at where we stayed. We rented an apartment for the week in Tel Aviv that was just over a quarter mile away from the beach. It had a full kitchen with pans and utensils, laundry, 2 bedrooms and bathrooms a nice little living room with a small balcony.
It was really nice! I loved that there was a kitchen, as I was able to make breakfast a few mornings with eggs we got from the market. I even brought some Bisquick from home and made pancakes for Todd 🙂 A few nights we sauteed some peppers and had them with eggs and bread on the side.

CookinginIsrael.jpgThe markets were full of spices, olives, bread, veggies, you name it they had it. There weren’t real grocery stores like we have here, so people buy everything at the market- so we did, too!


We found a restaurant close to the apartment that we went to 3 nights. They had this large chicken salad, that I usually ordered, and then we’d get something new to try. It always involved minced meat and it was always delicious. Clockwise from upper left to right: Lamb meatballs with potato and sweet potato, veal stuffed onions with the best yellow rice and pumpkin, lamb and veal encased in polenta over rice and okra and a yummy tabouli salad with fresh pomegranate seeds.OurPlace.jpgWe went to this awesome place called The Old Man and the Sea. They serve you with 20 little “salads” and warm bread that’s almost like naan. The hummus was outta this world good! I ordered a whole grilled fish (very yummy!) and Todd got a lamb and chicken kabob. It’s funny, so many dishes come with fries in Israel. Everything was beyond delicious and I was SO FULL. We had this at 12 and I didn’t eat again until 7. SEVEN!!! That’s unheard of for me. OldManandtheSea.jpgInterestingly enough, gelato was also a big thing there. There were two gelato shops right outside our apartment, so we got it two evenings. Very yummy!
IsraelGelato.jpgIn the Old City in Jerusalem we got some shawarma. I got a platter that came with chicken shawarma, cucumber and tomato salad, hummus and a pita. Todd got a laffa which is pretty much everything on my platter, put into a huge wrap. Both ways were very tasty! Laffa.jpgAfter the Jerusalem Half, I ate a pb&j in the car but was starving by the time we got back to the apartment and showered. We found a cute little restaurant that had local dishes and headed that way. I got a vegetarian stuffed pepper (rice, cranberries, walnuts, red sauce) and lamb and rice stuffed zucchini and Todd got a roasted chicken leg with rice and potatoes. Everything was delicious.Kitchenette.jpgOf COURSE there was lots of bread eating. We’d go to the market every couple of days and get fresh bread. We ate the challah bread below in two days… They also had FRESH dates before they were dried. Pretty tasty! Less sweet, but still good. Todd got a bunch of dried dates from the hotel he stayed at in Be’er Sheeva for work. They had them in a dish for people to just take. Crazy seeing how expensive they are here.

Bread.jpgWe ate a lot of delicious, not so nutritious food in Israel, haha. Yaaaaa we both gained a few lbs, but hey, you only live once right? Plus, I’m sure that makes the doc happy 😉

Are you an adventurous eater?

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  1. Ohhh my gosh Heather!! Ahhh!! I’m overwhelmed with big eyes because I wanna eat everything!! I think I looked at the food pics like a thousand times before commenting because oh boy, everything looks splendid!! Lovin’ The Old Man and the Sea!! Naan + hummus + little, cute salads…yum yum! Also, I’m a huge bread eater so that last pic…mouth watering!! Have a fabulous Monday!! XOXO

    • I starred at the pics after posting it, like it wasn’t my post, haha. I seriously love eating food from around the world. Most of it really isn’t that different, just made/cooked in a different way, which is so cool. And yes, bread. All the bread 😉

  2. Awesome! Looks great! It is always nice to have a kitchen so you can have a mix of food out and food you cook! That place looks super cute too!!
    I am an adventurous eater inside the whole vegetarian world! 🙂

    • I think the vegetarian world is the coolest place to be adventurous! And yes yes yes, I loved the option to cook healthy for a few meals.

    • I can eat like anyone… Like I told Leslie, I think eating vegan/vegetarian is super adventurous! And all the food you make/eat looks scrumptious!

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