Ya’ll know how much I love my almond butter! I love making it at home with raw almonds, vanilla and salt. Mmm SO GOOD.


Almonds pack a good nutritional punch and the good people over at Nuts.com sent me this fun info-graphic to show you just how awesome they are!
Almonds_Yeah_v04I haven’t done any baking with almond flour yet, but Almond milk is a staple in our house. Smoothies, cereal, in a glass, in baked goods, it’s multi-functional, low in calories and high in nutrition.

Almond butter. Ohhh AB. Occasionally I’ll put it on toast or in a AB&J, but you guys know my fave way to eat it is in a nut butter shot. Todd always says, “why do you take a picture every time you eat one of those? They all look they same.” Do they, Todd? Do they?


The top two are all almond butter and the bottom two are layered with AB, then cashew butter then sunflower seed butter and (on the right) peanut butter. I just read Brittany’s new addiction of coconut oil mixed into nut butter and I need to give that a shot… see what I did there, haha.

How do you guys enjoy almonds?

Have you ever heard of Nuts.com?

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  1. Do they, Todd? Hilarious! I love my almond milk and use it in coffee and protein shakes… almond butter just became a new favorite for PB&J… AB&J is the new PB&J <3

    • It funny, right when I published this, he text me- Yes, they look the same. Haha. And I noticed I wrote PB&A after reading your PB&J- so I fixed it. Although, an ab and pb sammie would probable still be pretty good 🙂

    • I’ve seen Nuts.com bags of nuts in some smaller stores around Tampa. Mainly Jem’s Natural living on Sheldon. Time for a snack of almonds!

  2. Girl… i think i can give you a run for your money in a Almond eating challenge. There is not a day that goes by that i don’t have some form of almonds.

    Love you!

    • That’s the truth! YOU are the one who got me addicted and starting to make my own when you’d bring me some of your homemade crack! Miss and love you too girly!

  3. This might be gross but I like my almond butter kind of runny. If it’s too thick or dry I can’t eat it. I might have to start making my own.. I never even thought about doing that. I usually just eat it by the spoonful or with a banana. Such a great super food for runners 🙂

    • Not gross AT.ALL. I LOVE it runny… it’s better to eat off the spoon that way 😉 Try making your own! It’s a definitely a process and takes 30ish minutes to get it nice and runny, but so worth it!

  4. I love almonds and I do love my almond butter. I’ve tried to make it homemade but for some reason it hasn’t worked for me. I’ve almost burned out my food processor motor!

    • Holy Moly! I’ve found that you have to stop it and scrape down the sides VERY often. It’s definitely a tedious process, but for me it’s kind of fun. Plus, every time I stop it to scrape, I eat the butter stuck to the spatula 😉

  5. Bahahaaa, while you try my coconut oil concoction, I’m over here trying your shot glass idea!! I sent you a direct photo message on IG…check it ouuuttt.

  6. I have a recipe that is almond and cashew flour. It is sweetened with bananas. You would die…i might have to make it and share the recipe. 🙂
    I want to check out the coconut oil with nut better too!! Sounds intriguing!!

    • I’m thinking the no nuts thing will be in your Friday’s (todays) post?! That’s sad you can’t eat them anymore… but I’m sure your stud is happy it’s only THOSE nuts- BAHAHAHAHA Let’s hope my mom skips over this lol

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