Let’s Talk About (Not) Running

After my short spout of races (Gasparilla and the Jerusalem Half Marathon), that were perfectly timed, for reasons I won’t go into detail about now, I am back on the no running train. Or should I say couch. I want to apologize to Todd in advance for the person I become when I can’t exercise- sorry baby. Haha.

My girl Jolene always helps put things in perspective. She’s running Boston this year and just got into Marine Corps Marathon…


I agree!Β Sometimes it’s those little reminders that really hit home and make an impact, so THANKS Jolene πŸ™‚ To sooth my running itch, here are some totally random running articles that make me smile…

I’m sorry, but this “How to Make Yourself Poop” article just cracks me up. The fact that Runner’s World even published it makes me happy. I was just talking to Stephanie about this- pooping that is. She has a marathon on Sunday (super duper good luck Ms. Radcliffe!) and was asking what my race morning is like. My response was something like this: wake up, poop, eat, poop, warm up, poop, race.

Speaking of marathons, here areΒ 50 Marathon SignsΒ that I’d love to see on the course. Among my faves were: #40, #33, #14

2ed33919b4671f8c6a0db61ff4f9578e8b2c22a05020edcbdacacc079bc6fbe6Credit: Erin Lockwood

And some fun questions going around the running blog world so that I can pretend I’m still running…

1) Location: Trail, Road , or Indoors?

“Roads” are my first choice. And by roads I mean a paved “trail,” sooooo Troads?! I’m also a fan of the tready though. I guess my answer is all of the above πŸ™‚


2) Time of Day: Morning, Noon, or Evening?

MORNING! I love love love waking up at the crack of dawn and busting out an awesome run before most people even get up. Sets a great tone for the day.

3) Weather: Sunshine, Mild or Hot?

I wish my answer was hot. Then living in FL would be perfect. Buuuut, my preferred weather is cold, 50ish degrees, (which is prob just chilly for most) and sunny. I think training in the sunny heat and humidity really helps racing in cooler temps.

4) Fuel: Before, After, and sometimes during?

Before: depends on the distance 4 or less- nothing, 5 to 10- half a banana or piece of toast, more than that- oatmeal or bagel. During: Powerbar brand gels, only on runs 14 or more. After: Again, depends on distance, but the first thing always isΒ Nuun, oatmeal and a protein shake. The creativity comes in depending on distance πŸ˜‰


5) Accessories: Music, Watch & More?

My must haves are my Garmin and my visor.

6) Rewards: Food, Wine, or …?

All the food! A big stack of pancakes. Cristinos pizza. Chocolate Cake. As Lee said, anything chocolate and PB. Pretty much, anything that is delicious- nutritious or not. And sometimes my reward is a new article of running clothing or a massage!


Pick a question and give me your answer!

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  1. Ohhhh no!!! Poor Todd … I better get a punching bag to your house ASAP to spare him haha! πŸ™‚ Annnnnd love ya’ Heather why??? … because we are totally twinning on the favorites!!! But should I expect anything less lol. Roads … yep! πŸ™‚ 40-50 temps … yep! And chocolate & peanut butter … yeppers!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Your year will be great – I can feel it πŸ™‚ Road, 50s and early morning is my preference. And for my reward I usually go food or… champagne AND food (usually chocolate)!! πŸ™‚

  3. I am definitely a morning runner. If I’m not out there before 10am it’s not going to happen!

    • Amen girl! Maybe if I lived up north and it was super cold in the morning I’d rather go out around lunch, but it get hot WAY to fast here!

  4. Hi heather! Gotta say I loved reading this post. I know how badly you want that baby. And from reading your blog, I can sense how much you love running too. But in the end, the end goal, a baby…. Baby>running. Right??? Running will always be there for you when your body is ready.

    I have to say I was wondering why all the running lately. I DEFINIETLY thought it counterproductive . I didn’t say anything cause I knew you’d decide when you were ready.

    Good luck! Baby here you come!)!

    • Correct! Baby>Running. All the running was because Todd was out of town and I obviously couldn’t get pregnant then πŸ˜‰ I still hadn’t gotten my period, so it was a last hoorah before the next step in our baby making process. Thanks for the good luck!!!

  5. Totally get that. Might takea little longer though…your body might take a little longer to realize the rest with the recent upage in running just an FYI..incase it takes longer than you’re expecting. Running will do that.l.your body nees to build back trust now, sucks, for sure. I’ve been there,,, dine that. Xxoo

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