Month: April 2015

What I Ate Wednesday

Before I start with the food party, I want to mention something that the lovely Jessie, from JessieLoves2Run, is doing. Her husband works with 5 men who have been affected by the earth quake in Nepal and she has started a GoFundMe page for those who’d like to donate to those men. The money will go directly to those families. Check out her post NEPAL EARTHQUAKE DISASTER RELIEF which includes a link for donation 🙂 Now onto my eats. Thanks to Jenn for the link up! Coffee! Now that I only drink decaf, I had a Starbucks decaf K Cup in my super […]

Last Week Day By Day

I started my week off watching Boston and cheering everyone on from my desk. I streamed the race, with the sound muted and it made my Monday morning FLY by! God I love running! On Tuesday, my freakin shoe broke! The strap came out of the bottom. I got clever and stapled that bad boy together and finished up with some tape. Thankfully, I was able to go home for lunch and switch my shoes out. I came in Wednesday and had these on my desk. It was my first time trying them and they are delicious. The peanut butter […]

WIAW: Mmmmm Food

Happy Hump Day ya’ll! Let’s celebrate with some yummy food. Thanks to Jenn for the party!! 6:45 AM= Same cottage cheese spoonfuls as last week. 7:30 AM= My morning protein Fage 2% mixed with pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice. 8 AM= Zoatmeal! 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/3ish cup grated zucchini, 1 cup water, vanilla extract. Cooked on 50% power for 5 1/2 min then finished off with TJ’s coconut creamer to make it nice and rich. 10:30 AM= Half an avocado.  Always a good choice. I usually keep this for the afternoon, but today I wanted it in the AM. 12 PM= Sometimes you just crave cheese and carbs. I had […]

Gifts, Giving and My Friday Donut

I feel like there has been a lot of gift giving and receiving going on at work lately, so I figured I would share some of the kindness… A lady at work and I were talking about how people always bring crap (albeit yummy crap) food on birthdays. Donuts, cupcakes, cake, cookies. While it’s delicious there are so many birthdays that this food no longer becomes a special occasion food. Her birthday was a few week later and I brought her the “treats” below… I think I told you guys how I was watching a plant for a coworker who […]

WIAW: Succotash & Okra

Half way through the week my friends, half way through. Let’s celebrate with some food pics and ideas from around the web on Peas&Crayons! 6:45AM= Couple bites of cottage cheese right outta the container. 7:30AM= Fage 2% plain Greek Yogurt. I find if you let it come to room temp, it has more of a cheesy “flavor,” if that makes sense. 8:45AM= Zoatmeal– 1/2 cup old fashioned oatmeal, 1/4c each water and almond milk, 1/3 c grated zucchini, splash of cherry juice, cinnamon and grated nutmeg. Stir and microwave on 50% power for 5 minutes. 10:30AM= Banana with scoop of “desk almond butter.”  12:30PM= Was […]

…Lacking Inspiration…

I haven’t had much blog inspiration lately 🙁 I’m pretty sure it’s because I haven’t been able to exercise and that’s where I usually came up with post ideas. So today’s post is just a bunch of random stuff in or about my life. Enjoy. Every Friday multiple people bring in donuts to work. Like, good donuts from local bakeries. And usually I split one with Todd, but lately, I’ve been sharing them with my dad 🙂 Did you hear about the promotion 7-11 did? You could bring any huge cup/bucket to the store and fill it up with Slurpee for […]

WIAW: A Good Day of Eats

Welcome to another edition of What I Ate Wednesday! Thanks to The Big Man’s World for hosting! 6:45ish= Before work I had a banana. I love ripe bananas and Todd hates them. It works out well. I also like mine cold, so I put them in the fridge and it turns the peel brown, but the nanners still good! 7:30AM= Ready for a switch up?! I received some products from Vega as part of their #FuelYourBetter campaign and one was their Mocha Protein Powder. I blended up a shake with almond milk, ice, spinach and the powder right when I woke up and put […]

Anti Grains= Who Knew?

Have you guys heard of Anti Grain? The company was started by a cute couple, Amanda and Jerry, and they make flours out of apples, butternut squash and sweet potatoes. WHAT?! How is that even possible? Well my friends, it is. I reached out to them and they were kind enough to send me some samples of their product. Seriously though, how awesome are they… they sent me a HAND WRITTEN note and both signed it. You don’t see customer service like that anymore. I perused their website for recipes and decided on the Quick and Easy Dark Chocolate Apple Cupcakes. I didn’t […]

WIAW: Back to Normal

Happy April Fools Day! I was going to do a preggo belly joke again, but since I’m pretty superstitious, I don’t want to jinx anything. Soooo ya, still not pregnant and that’s not a joke. Here are my eats from a day at work in which I had a lunch meeting and wasn’t able to go home. I know, poor Ry girl- my first “child.” 6:45 AM: I woke up hungry, so I had a few bites of leftover Publix Apple Gouda Chicken Sausage and a banana. 7:30 AM: Still lovin the Nespresso espressos. 8 AM: 2% Fage Greek yogurt. Totally forgot a […]

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