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Happy April Fools Day! I was going to do a preggo belly joke again, but since I’m pretty superstitious, I don’t want to jinx anything. Soooo ya, still not pregnant and that’s not a joke. Here are my eats from a day at work in which I had a lunch meeting and wasn’t able to go home. I know, poor Ry girl- my first “child.”

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6:45 AM: I woke up hungry, so I had a few bites of leftover Publix Apple Gouda Chicken Sausage and a banana.

Sausage and Banana

7:30 AM: Still lovin the Nespresso espressos.


8 AM: 2% Fage Greek yogurt. Totally forgot a pic at work, soooo here’s one from my fridge, haha.

Fage 2%

9:30 AM: Zoatmeal. 1/2 cup old fashioned oats, 1/2c water, 1/2c almond milk, 1/3ish c grated zucchini (I don’t measure, this is just a guess) cinnamon, fresh grated nutmeg. Cooked in the microwave for 5 and a half minutes on 50% power. I think I over poured the water, because when I reheated it at work, it was extra watery 🙁


10:30 AM: A crisp, but small apple.


12:30 PM:  I had an 11AM meeting that ran late, so once I got out I went to the cafeteria and got a salad with all the fixings (chicken, egg, peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, sunflower seeds) and balsamic dressing. It was pretty darn filling!

Work Lunch Salad

2:30 PM: I missed my carbs at lunch and luckily I packed a PB&J for a snack 🙂


3:30 PM: Snackage round 2… veggies.

Veggie snacks

6:30PM: Mix matched dinner with the hubs! I sauteed up some chicken tenderloins- easy peasy. Served that alongside sauteed asparagus for both Todd and I and steamed kale with apple cider vinegar drizzled on top for me. I had left over rice and Todd had baked beans.

Chicken, Veg, Rice

8:30 PM: Nut butter shot, woot woot! Riley and I had to get in extra snuggles since I missed our lunch time together <3

Ry Snuggles Nut Butter Shot

Check out more good eats at PeasAndCrayons.com!

PS Some please do this for April Fools Day!

Toothpaste in Oreos


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    • Salad bars are awesome! I just have to be careful at work because it’s priced by the pound, so if I’m not careful, I end up with a $10 salad!

  1. I’ve become hooked on sunflower seeds and bought a huge jar for my salads at home. They are so good! Besides the Oreos 🙂 I am impressed with how clean you eat!

    • Oh, the oreos were just just an option for April Fools… they were filled with toothpaste haha. And thanks! I try and eat clean when I can and save my indulging only for special occasions 🙂

    • A guy at work said he did that with his brother and told him it was going to be an Oreo eating contest and his brother shoved a bunch in his mouth- now THAT’s pretty bad.

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