Last Weeks Shenanigans

I know I did a weekly recap last weekend, so I hope this isn’t too redundant, but I’ll tell you what, I’ve been in a writing rut lately. I sat on the couch Saturday and told Todd I needed to write a blog and he said, “well do it!” Problem was, I had writers block. Seems like I have for a few weeks, hence, the WIAW posts and then one random one. Hope you guys don’t mind and I appreciate you sticking around 🙂

Let’s start on a low note so we can end with the positives… Riley girl hasn’t been feeling well the past few weeks and this week, so threw up a few times. The worst was on Thursday. It was so dark and right by her “bed.”

Riley Throw Up

I had only been feeding her a mixture of plain white rice, pumpkin and boiled chicken, like I did when she was sick a while back. She seemed to keep the chicken down, but not the rice. Whenever she feels bad she’s always stuck to my hip. Whether I’m on the floor or using the bathroom, she’s by my side.

IMG_20150427_193941200 IMG_20150428_121135343I think part of the reason she wasn’t feeling good was because Todd’s been out of town again. He went back to Israel for 3 weeks and just got back Friday. I’m hoping she was just really anxious and missing her daddy. We’ll see how she acts this coming up week.

On a much smaller negative note… my stupid fork broke halfway through my salad at work. Note to self- bring a real fork.

Broken Fork

Turning to the positive… I nursed a co-workers dead plant back to life! Look at all the green! And speaking of greens… there are 2 servings of them in that Vega Chocolate Protein & Greens shake. Yummo.

Vega Protein and Greens

Treat number one at work… coconut macaroon.

Macaroon Treat number two… the Friday Donut. A Nicola’s Donut none the less. It was rocky road. Not gonna lie, I only had a bite and saved the rest for my dad 🙂Nicola's Rocky Road DonutTreat number three was homemade pizza my mom brought over Saturday night when my her and my dad came over to pick up the donut….

Mom's Homemade Pizza

You’re never too old to be spoiled by your parents 🙂 Happy Weekend!

Give me a positive thing of yours from last week…



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  1. UGHHH to that puke, poor baby. I’m house-sitting (again, same dog as I usually do) and I think he was stressed the first couple days because his poops were kinda rough. Well I got back from work yesterday and he had pooped in the house. I couldn’t get mad because I know it was an accident, but boy was it nasty.

  2. You must be some kind of plant whisperer! I need a coworker like you, I have the worst luck and kill all of my plans, not intentionally of course. That pizza does look delicious, I love my mom’s homemade pizza!

    • I think I just got really luck, haha. All I did was keep it near sunshine and water it… no tricks up my sleeve. There’s something about mom’s food thats always so good 🙂

    • The bite that I had was beyond good! And Riley seems to be doing a tad bit better. She’s able to keep small amounts of food down.

  3. I really wish I could help you with Riley. Breaks my heart to see your little girl sick 🙁 On a positive note though – I’m loving our whatsapp messages!

    • Thanks girl! And ditto! I’m glad Todd made me download it on his first trip to Israel… who knew it would come in handy?!

  4. So sorry to hear that Riley isn’t feeling well. I hope she feels better soon! So sad when your little pup isn’t feeling good. For me, on a positive note – it’s FRIDAY! And sunny out this week, which is lovely.

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