Better Late Than Never

Good Monday Morning Ya’ll! I got pretty lazy over the weekend about blogging so I’m doing last weeks recap today. I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Let’s start with the awesome deal I got on this “mini” watermelon. A) It’s not that mini and B) it was only $2.50. Heck yes! Watermelon for DAYS.


With Riley not feeling well and throwing up on a regular basis, we had been using 409 Carpet cleaner and while it’s works good, some of the darker stains (like this one) just wouldn’t come out. So Todd found this cleaner on Amazon and it works WONDERS! If you have a stain. Buy it.

Folex Carpet Spot RemoverWe had some Japanese customers at work the other day and it is customary to give gifts at business meetings. They gave us a letter opener- of which I thought was a mini sword at first and freaked me out because we can’t have stuff like that at work, haha.

Japanese Gifts

We also got two sweet treats- green tea matcha cookies and these chocolate wafer cookies. Both yummy!

IMG_20150508_084657955_HDR IMG_20150508_083153409Moving right along on the sweets train… my Friday donut. It was from Nicolas and was a vanilla frosting filled donut with thick rich chocolate frosting on top. OVER THE TOP sweet. Todd and I polished this bad boy off.

Nicola's Frosting Filled DonutAnd more on delicious eats- MOTHER’S DAY! I love my mom so so so so much! She is the most selfless person I know and is always there for me at the drop of a hat. Even at almost 30, I lean on her more than ever. I won’t get too sappy, because we all know I’m good at that, but pretty much, my mom is the best and I hope to be just like her one day <3

Oxford Exchange

To celebrate, we had grilled salmon with chili sauce, a Mediterranean-ish bulgar salad, asparagus and green beans. It was all super delicious.  Mother's Day DinnerI had to skimp on dinner a bit to save room for a NEW CAKE! My mom always gets adventurous with her dessert choices and this time she went with a coconut cake with coconut lime frosting! My sister made it and it came out SO GOOD. I just love homemade desserts, especially those with frosting 😉

IMG_20150510_195923422 IMG_20150510_193731225

And that’s a wrap folks! Have a great week! Hope you did something sweet to celebrate your mom yesterday 🙂


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  1. Wow, that cake looks amazing. I’m not a big coconut fan, but that looks amazing!

    • I’m not a huge coconut fan to be honest. Meaning it wouldn’t normally be my go to, but it was SO GOOD. A nice change of pace in the family cake rotation.

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