WIAW: A Long Day

Welcome to this weeks What I Ate Wednesday, brought to you by The Big Man’s World and PeasAndCrayons. Today I’ll show you my Monday eats 🙂

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I have an afternoon appointment this week that falls at an awkward time. It’s late enough that it’s silly to go back to work after, but early enough that I still have to make up a decent amount of hours. That being said, I’m getting into work extra early this week and that makes for one loooooooooooong work day.

Before work mini breakfast of all the watermelon. My dad used to always sing a song when we had watermelon… “Watermelon man, do do do do dooo.” Good memories.


After checking emails from over the weekend, I dug into my fage 2% and zoatmeal- 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup grated zucchini, 2/3 cup water, vanilla microwaved for 5 minutes on 50% power and topped off with coconut creamer before pouring into my to-go container.

Fage 2%Zoatmeal

I had some more morning fruit. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an organic apple and I could TOTALLY tell the difference. At least it juicy and wasn’t gross and mealy. Work AppleI brought extra snacks, including two of the banana protein muffins I made since I knew I’d be hungrier sooner because I got in so early.

Banana protein muffinsI had a meeting during lunch and while it sucks I don’t get to go home and see Riley, it means I got a free lunch 🙂 The salad bar is by weight, so free lunch days are the best for getting a salad! I ate half during the meeting and the rest after, at my desk. Beets, olives, carrots, egg, tomatoes, turkey, ham, banana peppers, sunflower seeds and green peppers- I think that’s all I put 😉 Oh, balsamic dressing.Free Work Salad

I also got a chocolate chip cookie with lunch. I ate half and gave the rest to Todd.
Chocolate Chip CookieAfternoon pick me up of a Blueberry Muffin Larabar. I’ve really been enjoying the fruit flavors of these.Blueberry Muffin LarabarAfter work we had to stop by the vet to pick up meds for Riley and a friends house to clean out the litter box, as we are cat sitting for the next 2 weeks. When we got home, I snacked on some more watermelon before dinner. Can’t get enough.

For Dinner, Todd grilled up some burgers and corn and I sauteed up some bell peppers and mushroom. An odd combination, yes, but I needed to use up the veggies before they went bad. The burger was DELISH! I think ketchup and pickles really make a burger.

Burger Corn VegFor dessert, I wasn’t feeling a full nut butter shot, so I just mixed some jelly and TJ’s peanut butter- which I love because it’s runny- for a PB&J mini shot.

PB&J Shot

 There’s my long day of eats for ya. I’d say it was a pretty yummy day. I could go for another burger dinner (and free lunch)!

How was your Monday of eats?

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    • Hopefully you pick up a larabar soon! An that salad was $9. To me, that’s pretty expensive for a work salad! I could’ve gone to Panera!

    • You need to try them! Not sure what my fave is… I really like the Cherry Pie one and am excited to try the coconut cream pie one 🙂

  1. I can’t believe that you gave 1/2 your cookie away!! What is wrong with you! 🙂
    I worked for Nuun on Saturday and we are right next to the larabar booth. We walked out of there with at least a 100 mini pb/chocolate chip!! You would have died!

    • Those were probably one of the least yummy thing of the day, haha… but that just shows how yummy the rest of my eats were 😉

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