Last Week Today With HRF, Plus a Free Race Entry!

Do any of you guys watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver? Not only is he hilarious, he’s SUPER informative and talks about topics that REALLY matter. Not just who won what award or who’s dating who. I’ve actually learned quite a lot from watching his shows. That was a long intro to say, that’s where I got the idea for my post title, haha.

We got a Papa John’s pizza (The Works- minus olives for Todd) last weekend and I’ve been wanting a slice every day! Obviously we ate the whole thing that day and I can’t eat half a pizza a day, but it was super good and a perfect meal! We’ll have to hit up Cristino’s again soon! Pizza is sooo good.

Papa Johns The Works PizzaWe had a fire drill at work this week, so that was fun. Standing outside in the heat and humidity. It seemed very real at first. Four firetrucks came screaming in, along with an ambulance and they got out, some carrying axes and ran into the building. We were out there for 45 minutes. That’s a long ass drill! Turns out, it was more for our security/safety staff and the fire departments training, than ours.

Fire Drill

I went to my parents for lunch one day this week because they had some leftovers I really wanted- yes, I’m almost 30. I stole some spaghetti squash and homemade ground beef sauce- seriously, this hit the spot! Had a salad to go with it to boost my veggie intake.

Spaghetti Squash and Ground Beef Pasta Sauce Lunch Salad

And, as much as I “complain” about always having to eat cake, I still love it. OK, I don’t complain, it can just get outta control this time of year with all the bdays (mom, dad, Todd, MIL) and holidays (Mothers/Fathers Day). And they all involve HUGE, DELICIOUS, RICH, cakes. Didn’t stop me from taking a mid week piece, though!

Mid Week Cake

Memorial Day is Monday and Spartan Race reached out to me about an awesome promo they are doing…

This is a limited time code, good through 5/27/2015. There is even a podcast you can listen too… just click on the image.

Not to mention I’m giving away a FREE race entry to any open heat (non-confirmed start time) in any Spartan Race in the continental US. Just enter the raffle copter giveaway below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And lets end on another fun note… I had an ice cream date with my beautiful sister this week 🙂 I love her so much. BFF’s for life <3

Ice Cream Date with Kristin

How was your week? Any Memorial Day plans?

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  1. My week was good! Broken up nicely by a post work run club on Tuesday and a 5k race last night! I can’t wait for the weekend and am heading out to Nantucket to spend time on the beach with friends and family! I hope you have a great long weekend!! Enjoy! : )

  2. Yay looks like a great week. I love spaghetti squash and marinara sauce – such a perfect combo and so satisfying. Now that cake … nom nom
    My parents are driving in for the long weekend – I’m so excited to see them!Hope your weekend is fab.

    • Someone who shares my “pain!” I just have such a hard time with self control, that a piece- which starts large to begin with- ends up being a piece plus another sliver plus another sliver, haha

  3. I’ve never done a Spartan Race before, but I’m interested in trying one. And my favorite pizza topping is the cheese. 😉

  4. No plans this weekend, except work! OH that’s not true, Sunday I’m off to Seattle with a few of my coworkers, so…kinda like work? HA. Anyway my point being I’m not going anything special for memorial day. I did just have graham crackers with almond butter and coconut oil so that was pretty wild for my Friday night. And delicious.

  5. Dang that chocolate cake!! I made MnM cookies tonight for a BBQ tomorrow! Just lots of working out for me!! Oh and I am working for Nuun again tomorrow!!
    Papa John’s is awesome! I love their garlic sauce!! But I don’t think that I have had one of their pizzas since college!! ;(

    • Mmm MnM cookies! So super jealous of your Nuun fun! I love Papa John’s too… to me, it’s the Chick-Fil-A of chain pizza places. I hadn’t had one is SO LONG either!

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