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Breakfast was the typical Fage 2% (half frozen) and zoatmeal– 1/2 c oats, 1/3 c grated zucchini, 1/2 c water, microwaved for 5 min on 50% power, topped with coconut creamer to make it nice and, well, creamy!

IMG_20150518_080935890 IMG_20150521_103736690

Morning snack consisted of a Cherry Pie Larabar. I think this is my favorite flavor. So far 😉

Cherry Pie Larabar

In the foreseeable future, I won’t being going home for lunch, so here is my last “at home” lunch for a while… A random hodgepodge of food. PB&J, left over green beans and broccoli, and an egg white omelet with cheddar cheese and the best part- the cheese that gets crunchy when it seeps out of the omelet 🙂
Random Lunch

Now for a close up of the PB&J, because the top just doesn’t do the middle justice…

PB&J close upAfternoon work snack was a banana with (refilled x 10) “desk almond butter.”

Banana with AB

Dinner was the best steak, grilled with Montreal Steak Seasoning, a side of potato wedge fries, also done on the grill and some mixed steamed veggies with a bit of soy sauce.

IMG_20150527_190235635_HDR (1) IMG_20150503_185212605

It was a night that called for soft serve. A large- per usual.

Soft Serve

I am such an emotional eater, it’s not even funny. This ice cream made me feel better than it should have, haha. If only I had cake that day. Todd’s the exact opposite and doesn’t feel like eating at all when he’s upset. Lucky 😉

Are you an emotional eater?

PS HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!!! Please run a mile for me today since I’m stuck to walking!

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  1. Happy running day! I definitely ran for you this morning! Hope you can maybe get in a walk? And I find that my emotions do and influence my eating, but it goes both ways. Sometimes they make me want to eat ice cream and comfort food, other times they make me not want anything!

    • YAY! I can most definitely walk a mile 🙂 I’ll still count it as a “celebration.” My emotions- good or bad- always want to make me eat… sigh, haha.

  2. Soft serve for the win.. love it! Only thing missing – rainbow sprinkles : ) Totally an emotional eater… if I’m super sad I tend to eat a ton… which is no good and I totally know I’m doing it too. On June 1st I decided to be more aware of my emotional eating (after gaining and losing a lot of weight due to personal issues) and have started tracking what I ate and how I was feeling. Seemed to help a lot! Hope you have a fantastic Wednesday : )

    • Agreed. Sprinkles=Win. I’m the same way, I totally know I’m doing it, but don’t want to stop. It’s not bad when people are around, it’s when I’m alone that things go downhill fast. Hope you’ve figured out your personal issues and everythings OK 🙂

  3. I used to work across the street from my apartment and would be able to go home for lunch every day. I TOTALLY miss that! It’s just so awesome not to have to worry about packing lunch and be able to raid the fridge in the middle of the day! (Although I’m not sure that’s quite the best thing nutrition-wise!)

    • Ugh, I HATE having to pack an entire days worth of food. It’s SO MUCH! But you’re right, I prob eat healthier not having the whole fridge and pantry readily available, haha.

    • Yes- it all depends on what’s in the house. I eon’t go out and buy something bad to eat, but if it’s in front of me… watch out, haha

  4. Im actually not an emotional eater at all. I eat normally all the time. Ha Ha. Lucky me? I crave comfort foods though when I am sad… Foods that remind me of when I am at home – baked salmon in clam sauce for instance, Mmmmm!! 😉

  5. I am such an emotional eater as well. Give me as much ice cream as possible if I’m having a bad day or feeling sad!

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