Good Food, Drinks and Company

Last week was full of fun times with friends and family, and of course involved some great food. We went over to my parents house during the week to watch the Lightning Game- if you didn’t know, they are in the Stanley Cup Finals. That particular night they won, wooo hoo! For dinner, my mom prepared roasted chicken, asparagus and veggie pasta salad with feta.

Chicken, Asparagus, Veggies Pasta SaladFor dessert we had Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. It’s been my favorite since I was a little girl. I think the white and green kinds taste different and while I love all ice cream, I prefer the white.

Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream

I mentioned in my last Trader Joe’s trip post that they didn’t have a few of the items I really wanted to try. Wellllllllll, the guy who sits behind me at work lives close to the store and he came in a few days later with the riced cauliflower, PB&J greek yogurt and coconut creamer that they were out of when I went. What a great guy.

TJs Riced Cauliflower, PB&J yogurt and creamer

We had a girls night on Friday and the host made yummy strawberry and basil cocktails. Pretty AND delicious!

Strawberry and Basil cocktail

I couldn’t decide what I wanted for breakfast Saturday, so I went with everything that sounded good. Pancakes, a fried egg and an egg white and spinach omelet 🙂

Pancakes and EggsAfter my filling breakfast, my mom picked me up to head to a local market. Silly me didn’t take any pictures. I just got produce, but my mom got this awesome olive loaf that I didn’t mind stealing having a few slices of…

Market Olive Loaf

Dinner tonight: Grilled Salmon, asparagus and spaghetti squash with a side of baked beans to share.

Salmon Dinner

The rest of the night will include take home froyo while watching my first episode of The Game Of Thrones. Hope everyone has a great week 🙂 Linking up again with Running and Reading. If you like reading, I HIGHLY recommend checking out her site… I have so many good books lined up to read thanks to her!

White or green Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream? 

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  1. Oh my gosh I’m all about the green mint chip ice cream. I totally agree it tastes different too. There’s a local bread company near me that makes olive oil and garlic bread with olives… I could absolutely eat the whole loaf in one sitting.

  2. You know, Heather, I’m not sure why I’ve never given the white vs. green mint chocolate chip ice cream much thought; it’s my favorite flavor! I’ve tried the Breyer’s and I love it. I’m typically a Blue Bell girl (I’m from Texas, after all!) but since it’s off the shelves I’ve been left to search for other alternatives. I’m so jealous of those of you who have Trader Joe’s; they sell frozen riced cauliflower?!? Wow! That would be so convenient! Maybe, one of these days…ugh. Sounds like a great weekend and thanks so much for linking up with the blog; hope your Monday goes well!

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