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ICE CREAM: I went on a girls date for ice cream- the real stuff- this week and it was delicious. Mine’s to the left in the picture- I reached around. I got half mint chocolate chip (it was green, and not as good as the white, I’m telling you) half peanut butter blast- pb ice cream with oreos mixed in. We almost went back for seconds, but decided we’ll just schedule another ice cream date 🙂

Tanya & Matt's Ice Cream NAKD: The kind people at Natural Balance Foods sent me a sampler box of their Nakd bars. OBVIOUSLY the first thing I did was try several of them. Todd and I sampled 6 flavors the first day, including a few I took for my sister to try that night: Cocoa Delight, Cocoa Orange, Bakewell Tart,  Rhubarb & Custard, Cocoa Mint, and Ginger Bread. Kristin didn’t get to try the Bakewell tart, but is was my fave, followed closely by the Cocoa Orange and Mint.

Nakd BarsAll of their flavors are SPOT ON. They are made with natural ingredients like fruit and nuts and are good and good for you. I like that they are a bit smaller than the other fruit/nut bars, because then you can have two flavors for the price of one 😉 The sampler box is on sale for $9.99! Seriously, go buy them. OH! And the crunch bars are Natural Protein Bars with protein crunchies. Those are in the sampler box, too!

NUUN: My sister sent this to me the other morning and it just made me smile. It’s so freaking hot and humid here that you need Nuun to replenish all the sweat you lost just walking to your car/mailbox. I’ll be excited, when, like Kristin, I can use it for the best reason and run again.

Kristin Nuun

COKE: A coworker of mine got this out of the vending machine the other day and brought it over to my desk for me. I told him I’m not a big diet coke fan, but if he drank it and brought me back the bottle, I’d be grateful, and he did just that! Now it’s sitting on my desk so that everyone know’s that’s where Heather sits.Heather Diet Coke

QUINOA SUSHI: After my ice cream date the other night I stopped into Whole Foods (it was right across the street) and I picked up some quinoa sushi! Who knew right?! Since it was right before closing time, they only had two options, so I went with the boring California Roll over the tempura shrimp roll. I can honestly say I was pleased! I’m usually more of a tuna or salmon sushi lover, but this did the trick at lunch and I’ll definitely be going back for more!

Quinoa Sushi

WINNER: I told you guys I got a Fitbit. I like it so far. It definitely motivates me to get up more at work, although sometimes I think it keeps me from work too much because I want to get up and get steps when really I should be working on a task or project :/ For instance last week… my coworker invited me to her Workweek Hustle challenge and being the competitive person that I am, I HAD to win and probably stepped away from my desk a tad too much. Thankfully my boss had a lot of meetings and I don’t think he noticed. Anyways, I WON! Haha. I tried to lay back this week, but I’m secretly hoping I’ll still win. I’ll let you know.

Fitbit Challenge WinnerHope everyone had a great week and is doing something special for their Father or Baby Daddy this weekend <3

Are you super competitive and would do anything to win? (besides cheat!)




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  1. I’m thinking of getting a Fitbit for the same reason! A lot of my coworkers have one and I want some motivation to move throughout the day. Although I’m active in the mornings while I work out, I feel pretty sedentary the rest of the day. I’m glad to hear you like it!

    • I have the heart rate one. I’m all about the data and like looking at my heart rate and knowing the calories burned are more accurate. Definitely gets me moving!

    • Yes! Another person for team white! And since they have the tempura shrimp quinoa kind, you should try it! Great post run fuel- carbs, protein and sodium 🙂

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