A Fun Little Weekend

Friday night, we went with my parents to Zoominations, a Chinese Lantern Festival held at our local zoo. As the site describes it, “A dazzling exhibition of colossal lanterns sprawling over 26 acres, it’s an unforgettable journey through the ancient Chinese art of lantern sculpture.” It was beautiful and fun BUT it was so freakin humid and gross out. At one point, I was wishing I wore body glide, haha.ZoominationsMy favorite exhibit was the huge sculpture made of ceramic cups and plates!

Zoominations ParentsJust to let you guys know, with the steps I got from walking around the zoo, I won the Workweek Hustle Challenge AGAIN! This will be my last week doing it for a while though so that I concentrate more on work than winning… damn competitiveness.

Fitbit Winner againI forgot to show you guys a yummy meal I had at my parents the other night. I know we’ve been eating over there a lot, but it’s because we watched all the Stanley Cup Finals games there. I promise I do cook at home, haha. This night we had pork chops, green beans and riced cauliflower. Every time I’ve had it in the past it’s always Asian-y. This time we used olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh basil from my moms garden, S&P, onions and carrots. SUPER good!

Balsamic Riced CauliflowerAnd yes, I pre-cut my pork chop. We ate in the living room and it was easier. BBQ sauce added after the pic. Nom Nom.

Father’s Day was great! Todd and him played racquetball on Saturday- I love the husband, dad bonding. For dinner, he wanted steak, corn and broccoli. Done. Except I WAY over cooked the broc… sorry family.

Father;s Day Dinner

And dessert. Can you guess??? Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Peanut Butter frosting. The. Best.

IMG_20150621_192938467_HDR IMG_20150621_192949896

My dad is amazing and every year that passes I appreciate him more and more. I hope that one day, Todd will be half as great as my dad is for our children. I was always somewhat of a daddy’s girl and was his little tom boy, wanting to play sports over ballet or dolls. I remember training for soccer, doing sprints, and he’d say, “Finish Strong!” I still think about that every time I do a speed workout and want to quit. Even though I haven’t done speed training for a year- ha! Happy Father’s Day Daddio <3 I love you!


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    • Yes! Next year around this time might actually be possible! And we can make frosting to celebrate and eat it on top of pop tarts after having pizza for dinner. Of course we’d go to Kuwaiti place for lunch though… Guess I’d have to plan it around Ramadan

    • I love that pic! My sisters hair is soooo blonde! And yes, this is my fave cake! My dad always goes with something chocolate and/or PB- works for me!

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