WIAW: Just Another Yummy Day

I skipped What I Ate Wednesday last week, but I’m back at it! Check out my day of eats and treats and see what others are munching on at Sprint to the Table.

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BREAKFAST: Yogurt Parfait at work. 2% Fage greek yogurt, chopped up strawberries and blueberries, slivered almonds and puffed rice cereal. I’ve been LOVING this combo. I’ve debated taking this as part of my lunch a few times, haha, but baby needs different nutrients.

Greek Yogurt Parfait

After finishing up a few power point slides, I realized that I forgot to grab my peanut butter oatmeal. Booo! I settled on a back up packet of Low Sugar Apple and Cinnamon Quaker Oats. Followed by an almost too ripe cut up peach.

Quaker Oats Low Sugar Apples & Cinnamon OatmealCut up peaches

SNACK: One of my favorite Nakd BarsBanana Crunch. I’ve loved all the flavors I’ve tried so far and highly recommend these bars!

Nakd Banana Crunch Bar

LUNCH: I had a working lunch meeting- hence the power points in the AM- which I don’t mind, because we get a voucher for a free lunch. I’ve said it before, but the salads at work are priced per pound, so in order to get a substantial salad, it’s like going to Panera- only not, haha. SOOO when work pays, I fill that bad boy up! Mixed greens, chicken, chick peas, mushrooms, olives, banana peppers, shredded carrot, beets, egg, balsamic vinaigrette.

Work Salad

I forgot my oatmeal, but I remembered the black bean salad! This one came out pretty darn to close to how my mom makes it- which never seems to happen. Black beans, corn, shredded carrot, celery, and red onion mixed in a dressing of olive oil, lime juice, cumin and salt.

Black Bean Salad AFTERNOON SNACK: I’m still digging the apple a day! To amp up the staying power, I paired it with some almonds about 30 minutes later.

An Apple a DayDiamond 100 Cal Almonds

AFTERNOON SNACK 2: Lunch was a little earlier than normal and I was feeling snacky, so a little before we left work I grabbed a bag of veggie straws left over from a work function and a couple pistachios. These are just glorified chips, but whateves, at least there’s some spinach powder sprinkled in there, ha!

Veggie Straws

DINNER: Todd grilled us up a pork loin and I roasted some sweet potatoes and steamed green beans. Team work baby! I coated the pork loin with a rosemary and mustard rub that came out great. This dinner was easy and so delicious.

Pork Loin, Sweet Potato, Green Beans

DESSERT: I met a girlfriend up for some froyo. I got peanut butter, Kahlua, and white chocolate mousse, with sprinkles and a few chocolate chunks. Mmmm, nothing like cold, self serve froyo on these SUPER HOT summer nights 🙂

Froyo with sprinklesHave you had a yummy day of eats lately?

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  1. I buy those veggie straws in BULK from Costco!! The serving size is 38 so I feel like I’m eating a TON, it helps my “eat all the food” mentality!

    • Totally get that! I tried the honey mustard and ranch too. I’m a fan of them all! I think I’d be in trouble with a 38 serving size bag… I’d end up making that like 4, haha.

      • Noooo I mean one serving is 38 straws. Usually it’s like “you can eat 12 chips for one serving” and obviously I eat like 3x that. SO with 38 straws as ONE serving…I can eat TWO and eat over 70 straws!! WOWZA.

        • I follow you now, haha… preggo moment?! I’ll just blame it on that 😉 Who in the world created serving sizes?! 12 chips- HA! 1/2 cup ice cream- are you kidding me?!

    • True that! I did have a sip of wine the other night- but just a small sip! Good thing I’m not a huge drinker- at least not in the past couple years.

  2. I posted my favorite eat of the week on my instagram today – big mint chip waffle cone ice cream with rainbow (but they were red, white, and blue – so festive!) sprinkles. Totally paid for it, but SO delicious.

  3. We love veggie sticks! They are so popular in our house and Whole Foods has some great ones. 🙂

    • I’ll have to try theirs! I’ve only had this brand. They were more of a hit at work than I imagined… I work with a bunch of male engineers, haha

    • Not gonna lie, I have a froyo date tonight… I think I’m using up my “Froyo/ice cream budget” for month a little too fast, haha!

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