Fancy Lunch, Reading, “Racing” & Trying Something New

Happy weekend ladies and gents! I figured I’d try and balance my pregnancy post with normal ones, so I’m doing every other one preg related. This one has a few related things, but is mostly not baby related 🙂

Del Frisco’s Grille= delicious. I’ve been helping out with the Marketing/Business Analysts at our company and this week they won a global award within the company that was a pretty big deal. One of the higher-ups took them out to celebrate and invited me to go along. You don’t have to ask me twice! Actually they did, though. I didn’t want to crash their party, they did all the work for this award. Anyways…. we went to Del Frisco’s Grille. An upscale steakhouse.

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While this wasn’t my actual plate, this is what we ordered and I ate, minus the ahi tuna tacos- no raw fish for preggo. Truffle deviled eggs and cheese steak egg rolls. Seriously, so good. I got the Steakhouse Salad: Broiled Prime Sliced Steak, Deviled Egg, Spring Mix, Avocado, Bacon, Parmesan, Lemon-Horseradish Dressing (on the side). The steak was cooked perfect and was delicious. We each had a few bites of truffle mac n cheese- seriously the best mac n cheese I’ve ever had, sorry mom.

Del Friscos Grille Steakhouse Salad Del Frisco's Grille Truffle Mac n Cheese

And for dessert we split nutella bread pudding with coffee ice cream. Again a major win.

 You know that marketing/business analysts help I was doing? It provided a great read while walking on the treadmill…

National Military Strategy 2015And guess what?! After months of only being allowed to walk I was cleared to run once my 2nd trimester started. Woo hoo! I did a few 2 mile runs and then participated in Nuun‘s virtual #RunRideHydrate race and did a 5k on the treadmill.

Nuun 5k race

The race was to raise money for Girls on the Run and we got a shirt, bib and medal! Nuun is seriously such a great company! My pace was about a minute per mile slower than my usual pace, but I’m A-Okay with that. As long as I’m able to run, I’m happy!

Nuun 5k

A guy at work brought in lychees from his friends tree and I tried a few. They were juicy, yummy and have a very light taste. I’m always down to try something new.

LycheesOne thing that I regret from this weekend was missing out on 7/11 and not getting my free slurpee. In years past I’ve hit up multiple locations, but yesterday I was just too busy. Looks like I have to wait another year for my freebie.

One thing I DON’T regret is hanging with my fam Sunday afternoon/evening. Roasted chicken, succotash and broccoli for dinner.

Sunday Dinner

And cake that my sisters boyfriends mom made for dessert. Although, I only had a few bites of the cake. I’m really trying to rein in my “bad eating.” I’ve been treating myself a little too much lately.

Checker Cake

How was everyone’s weekend? Share your Weekend Update with Running N Reading! Hope you have a great week ahead!

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  1. I came across your blog on the Weekend Update link-up! I’m a book blogger, but also a runner and just started training for my first sprint triathlon. That’s great that you’re able to run while pregnant…I stopped running about 8 weeks into both my pregnancies…it just didn’t feel great, but I wish I could have kept it up throughout! I did work out the whole way through, just did other things.
    And – your Del Frisco’s meal looks delicious! Esp the truffle deviled eggs and the nutella bread pudding.

    • Yay for your first tri! I still haven’t done one but would love to after the baby comes 🙂 I just started running in my 2nd trimester and hopefully I’ll be able to for a while. I do need to start adding in some weights now that I’m allowed to! The nutella bread pudding and mac n cheese we’re out of this world good!

  2. That cake though…. and Del Frisco’s Grille is opening right by my apartment! I can’t wait to try it out : ) Hope you have a fabulous Monday and a great week!

  3. Whoa…I think I missed a post or something when I was on vacay….congrats on the pregnancy!! Whooo hooo!!

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