WIAW: Eating for OHSS

This edition of What I Ate Wednesday is a day full of eats while I had Ovarian Hyperstimulating Syndrome (OHSS).

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Instead of coffee, even decaf… ample amounts of Nuun. ALL DAY.

For breakfast, I had heated up ham steak instead of yogurt and had instant grits instead of oatmeal. The cheese flavor packed the biggest sodium punch! Now that’s a good southern girls breakfast!

Instant Cheesy GritsHam Steak

I had to lay off the sodium for a bit and had juicy apple as a morning snack. I’m probably the best apple eater you know because I get ALL THE WAY to the core.

Apple to the core

For lunch, I was able to go home (this was when Riley was still around) and make a quick BLT. Turkey bacon “cooks up” in 2.5 min in the microwave and makes for one tasty Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sammie with a little mayonnaise on the top bread to make the lettuce stick- at least that’s my reasoning. There are few times I’ll use mayo and this is one of them.IMG_20150411_133443841With a side of kale and mushrooms sauteed in soy sauce with ginger and garlic powder. Gotta keep that sodium up!IMG_20150418_181857310

Afternoon snackage of Trader Joe’s Wasabi Roasted Seaweed Snacks.Trader Joe's Seaweed SnacksFollowed by a nice sodium, veggie filled V8. Mmm Mmm- actually, it grew on me.

V8And a cake pop, because, why not?!

Cake pop

Todd was out of town for most of the OHSS and I couldn’t walk Ry, so I took her in the backyard to play to while I read and had some G2 for more electrolytes. I mean, look at that bump…

Ry G2 Kindle BellySince I was already outside, I decided to grill up some chicken sausage and corn and paired it with some sauteed onion, green and red peppers. Yummo.

Corn Chicken Sausage Peppers

And dessert was the good ole’ nut butter shot, with homemade almond butter, cashew butter and sunflower seed butter. And a side of Ry cuddles of course 😉 (I wrote this post while I actually had OHSS and reading back through it and seeing this made me cry. I miss her so much!)

Nut Butter shotSo there’s just an example of the sodium laden days I had. This one was actually pretty lacking on the protein front. I was lucky to get the shipment of Vega protein powder to help boost my intake. Check out the WIAW party at Peas and Crayons.

What the last thing full of sodium you ate?



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  1. If only we were neighbors… I would’ve took Riley out on walk for you while you relaxed! One day we will be. I mean we have too be seeing as I’ll have a room at our house. Either that or Ill just have to visit tons!

  2. Ummm I eat everything with my fair share of salt. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I’ve been known to sprinkle salt from the shaker onto a fork and welp… yeah. I have to let my boyfriend take his share of chips if we order chips and guac at dinner because I put so much salt on haha.

    • You’re hilarious. Lots of people take salt tabs before a run, so maybe you’ve got something going with your salted fork thing, haha

      • Haha my version is definitely a little less classy. Sometimes I even use my finger… My mom would be mortified #TableMannersNOT

  3. I’m still so sorry about Riley, just keeps breaking my heart reading about her. I don’t do a lot of sodium foods, but was actually instructed that I need more in my diet. So, I’ve been trying. I’m the same way with my apples…I eat ALL the way to the core, sometimes accidentally eating a seed.

    • I’d like to say I was more “over Riley” than I am. I still cry more than I should admit. I always ate low sodium so it was really odd, borderline hard to intake so much. And yes, I’ve eaten a seed or two in my day 🙂

  4. Great eats! How do you like the Vega protein? I’ve tried one (vanilla} and I got a second that I put in my husband’s care package lol. I’d like to have something that is a bit healthier and that one seems to fit the bill!

  5. I just devoured a big bag of potato chips while on night shift at work. I finished it and felt horribly guilty. I don’t eat potato chips, but working nights does something to me and makes me want to eat all of the junk food. Good thing I don’t work full time 🙂

    • Haha. I’m not a huge chip eater, but if they are put in front of me, I can easily eat the bag. Don’t feel bad… that’s why we run and work out… it offsets those weak moments!

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