Pregnancy: Weeks 1-7 & Tried It Tuesday

Figured I’d combine my first few weeks of pregnancy with something a little more fun, as I have no real pictures in the beginning. I do want to record everything, so I thought combining was a good way to do both. If the preggo stuff bores you, just skip to the pics, haha.

Pregnancy: Weeks 1-7

There are many downsides to going through infertility and one of them, is announcing your pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong… we are obviously over the moon about being pregnant, but when your family and super close friends know what you’re going through, it’s hard to keep anything a secret. I mean, everything is a process and everything has a doctors appointment.

So, it wasn’t exactly a shock that we were pregnant, more of a relief. After doing the injections, IUI and beta tests, we finally had FULL confirmation that the baby was healthy and growing at our 7 week 3 day ultra sound. While at the time, all that waiting was horrible, mentally exhausting and made me so anxious, it’s kind of cool being able to look back and be like, I knew when I was 1 day pregnant. There’s no guessing when we conceived!

All that being said, here’s my conception to 7 week pregnancy update:

Weight Gained:  + 8 lbs from OHSS, then down 5lbs from OHSS, so in total, still 3lbs up, but it’s mainly water weight

Workouts: Nothing from the start of injections until week 7, in which I was able to start walking.

Symptoms: Sore boobs. Slight nausea starting week 7. Eating something small every hour REALLY helps.

Food Aversions: Nothing until week 7. I had to choke down steamed veggies.

Food Cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary.

Misc: I had a hemorrhage at our first ultra sound and that freaked me out. It’s a large section of blood that is common in pregnancy and is supposed to be absorbed by the body. Because of this though, I had to take things easy. Still no exercise, only light walking and no lifting heavy things.

Tried It Tuesday: brought to you by Lake Shore Runner and Treat Yourself Tuesday with Olives ‘n Wine!

I’ve always done meal prep for myself, but lately, I’ve been trying to do it for Todd, too. Gotta make sure he’s getting some veggies in for lunch! Broccoli, carrots and hummus for the win. He’s enjoying it- Yay!

Food Prep

My coworker made these brown rice crispy treats from Alton Brown’s recipe and they were SO GOOD! Much healthier than the packaged or even typical homemade versions. They had dried fruit and slivered almonds. I liked the dried fruit, but I think if I make them I’ll leave it out to get a pure rice crispy treat taste.

Alton Brown's Brown Rice Crispy Treat

Another coworker- I guess these guys know I like food?!- brought over a Watermelon Chobani the other day. He said he wasn’t a fan and his wife bought a few, so he gave me one. Sweet! It had a light watermelon flavor and I actually REALLY liked it! Wasn’t a huge fan of the sugar content, but I could see past that every once in a while.

Chobani WatermelonAnd last but certainly not least, a girlfriend of mine’s boyfriend works with me (did you follow that?) and she sent him to work with Cheesecake Fudge she got over the weekend when they went to Georgia. It’s from a mom n pop place called Hansel & Gretel’s. Nothing like a sugar overload at 7AM. It did pair well with my coffee though!

Hansel & Gretel Fudge

What’s something new you’ve tried?

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  1. Between the rice crispy treat (need to make this) and the cheesecake… I am 100% jealous of your eats : ) Best thing I’ve tried recently was making my own Guac! I ate the entire batch before I took a picture so did it really even happen?

    • Ya it was just a few weeks of annoying food aversions and other than that I’ve been up to eating anything! I must say, I got pretty lucky.

  2. Yay for being able to exercise again! I actually hated steamed vegetables in my first trimester as well. Come to think of it all I wanted was CARBS! I swore I was going to turn into a piece of a bread (or slice of pizza) with how much I ate. I always enjoy hearing what other pregnant ladies aversions are. It’s fun to compare them to mine… and of course yours sound very similar to me. I mean why wouldn’t they? Were twins! Haha 🙂

    CHEESECAKE FUDGE? Mmmm! I need to visit this mom n pop restaurant one day.

    • It was so sad that I couldn’t eat like my normal healthy self. I’m finally growing a baby and I can’t even feed it veggies?! haha, good thing at that point it was still getting nutrients from the yolk sac. phew! I could go for some cheesecake right about now!

  3. I saw the watermelon chobani’s the other day and was tempted, but OMG, all of those flavored yogurts are full of sugar! Definitely a bummer and a once in a while treat for sure!

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