Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Just some thoughts to get you through the end of the week…

I think Chick-Fil-A is SO GOOD. Always have, so no this isn’t a preggo craving. There’s just something about it that puts it over the top. And FYI if you order it sans butter on the bread you save some calories and sat fat and it tastes the same. Promise.


I think these tissue are brilliant. They are white until you get to the last few, which are a peach color so you know you’re running low. So simple, yet so smart.


I think color changing spoons are the bomb dot com! I want to stock up on these and only use them from now on.

Color Changing Spoon

I think these chocolate chip muffins were the best right out of the oven, still warm!

Chocolate Chip Muffins

I think it was a good idea that when a coworker brought me this donut, I gave it to Todd instead. Baby doesn’t need all that sugar. Especially since I made the above, having been going on several froyo dates and have my dad’s bday coming up this weekend <- Read, lots of sugary cake, OBVs.



I think it was a good idea NOT to pass on this coworker offering. If you saw my Instagram yesterday you already know I was faced with four dessert from the Cheesecake Factory. They were too good to pass up. Sorry, not sorry. Talk about a sugar high!

Cheesecake Factory Desserts

I think I make my case about the froyo dates even more with the text below. Ummmm, ya, you know you go to a certain shop too much when the owner is willing to put a pumpkin flavor on the menu in July. #thankful

Pumpkin Text

I think I earned all my treats with my current mileage PR of 4 miles. Woot woot! I know it’s silly, but even the small PR’s are a win in my book. I’m not going for any records here or pushing my body for that matter. I’m still going about a minute per mile slower than usual, but after 4 months off, I’m not complaining. As a wise friend of mine said, “You’re growing a human, you’re allowed to be slower.” I agree, Stephanie, I agree.

Preggo Mileage PR

I think about my Ry girl a lot still. I know it’s been almost 2 months, but so much reminds me of her and I just miss her more than words can explain. My heart still hurts. She will always be my first child <3

Sorry to end that on a sad note. I literally started crying when I uploaded that picture. She’s just so happy and healthy there. Damn pregnancy hormones! See what others are thinking about…


What are you thinking about?

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  1. Now that you’ve mentioned it I’m thinking I might have chick fil a for lunch today…. I usually eat it once a week! It’s just SOOO good. And I know how it feels to lose a dog, it’s such an empty feeling and it takes a very long time to go away 🙁

  2. WHOA, you passed on that donut EVEN after holding it in your hands!? That is excellent self control. I’ve never had Chic-fil-a before, so I’ll just take your word for it. 🙂 <3

  3. Aaaaand now I’m craving ice cream, cake, or donuts… at 9am. Thank you for that 😛 And I can totally relate to missing a pup. It’s been about 8 years since I lost my girl, and it -still- tugs at my heartstrings when I think about it…

    • From everyone I’ve talked to, it never really goes away. I’m going to be a hott mess when I lose a person that is close to me! Those emotions don’t help my will power to avoid all the sugar haha

  4. Ohhhhhhh Chick-Fil-A……. It’s just an addicting little asshole now isn’t it. I cannot get anyone who loves it to GET UNHOOKED. Ohhhh well. I must admit though, I have had their chicken nuggets (grilled) and…….. Yeah, I would gladly eat them all day every day – but I won’t and I haven’t had them in eons!

  5. I had chick fil a with the boys today. They call it the “cows house”. I had no idea they put butter on the bun though!!

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