Pregnancy: Weeks 8-12 & Dad’s Bday Dinner

Happy Sunday/Monday ya’ll! I hope everyone had a great weekend and is starting the new week off right! Here’s a bit of why my Monday is Marvelous and a few week(s)end updates

Preggo Update

I’ve been reading blogs for several years now and one thing that remained constant was that pregnancy updates kind of annoyed me- until I got pregnant of course. Every week reading practically the same thing as the week before, with just a few changes. SO, since I DID go back to every one of those blogs and reread their updates, I figured I’d do a hybrid version. I’ll post monthly updates with each week’s differences. Sound like a plan, Stan?


10 Weeks Pregnant

Weight Gained: 5 lbs. It’s really hard to know how much weight I’m actually gaining with the whole OHSS thing. Residual water weight is still hanging around, so this is more of an estimate.

Workouts: Just walking, the whole month. And 25 standing push-ups when I remember to do it.

Symptoms: Sore boobs.  Wk 8- The nausea picked up and every morning I felt queasy.

Food Aversions: Wk 8- The only real aversion was steamed veggies. Things like oatmeal (of which I still ate every day), protein shakes, nut butters (I KNOW RIGHT?!) and anything healthy really, just didn’t sound appetizing. They wouldn’t make me gag, but I didn’t want them. I’d say around week 10 I was back to eating like my normal self, veggies and all 🙂

Food Cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary, and by that I mean all the carbs. I don’t want to be boring, but honestly, I always “crave” carbs and sweets and all that jazz, so I don’t think it’s really a pregnancy craving, just more of a comfort food calling, since most foods didn’t sound interesting.

Misc: We had a fire drill one morning at week 8, just as I was about to eat my oatmeal, so I was standing outside in the heat/humidity for over 30 minutes with no food in my stomach (remember, food every hour helps) and I almost passed out. There was no place to sit, but thankfully we were under trees for shade.

Dad’s Birthday Dinner

For dinner my dad requested steak. I have been loving me some red meat lately, so I was happy with his choice- although, the steaks he chose were a bit on the fatty side for me- it was still tasty. Paired with a sweet potato, broccoli and salad. Yum Yum.

Dads Bday DinnerDessert was a homemade German Chocolate Cake. While this isn’t my favorite of all the cakes my mom makes, it’s still very delicious!

German Chocolate Cake German Chocolate Cake

Yes, she even homemakes the coconut pecan frosting. I’m more of a traditional frosting gal myself, but looking back at this picture, I guess I am a pretty big fan of the switch up.

What does your family do to celebrate birthdays?


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  1. Well now I know you found my pregnancy posts annoying. Whoops! Hehe 🙂

    Your Momma is quite the baker. I’m thinking I need to fly to FL so she can whip me up some cake goodness.

    • YES come to FL! Annoying is the wrong word, just uninteresting I guess. You better believe I went back a reread all those post multiple times! Especially when I thought/hoped I was having twins 🙂

    • Hopefully this will be a good compromise. I know it can get boring to those who aren’t pregnant, so hopefully I won’t lose many readers!

  2. Congrats! I hear ya I didn’t like weekly updates myself so my updates were when something happened or changed like new trimester, baby shower, nursery finishing and such. I crave carbs always too just during pregnancy… I gave in lol 🙂

  3. Oh, my gosh…that cake looks absolutely amazing. I’m so glad things are going well; I love your tiny little baby bump and I can’t wait to see how it “progresses” as the weeks pass by. You look adorable!!

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