Pregnancy: Weeks 17-20 with a Weekly Workout Recap!

Let’s take a look at my pregnancy during weeks 17-20. Here are my previous updates: weeks 1-7, weeks 8-12, and weeks 13-16.


18 Weeks

Weight Gained: At 16 weeks I had gained 8 lbs. 17 wks +0 lb,  18 wks + 1lb , 19 wks + 1 lb and by 20 weeks I gained 11 lbs total.

Symptoms: My boobs aren’t sore anymore but they are huge! I always thought I’d want a boob job after having kids (since I hear it can make them saggy) but I’m seriously considering otherwise now, haha. Sleeping has become a guessing game. Some nights are great, while others suck. Something that’s been consistently bad through out my entire pregnancy is my facial skin- a wives tail sign of a girl pregnancy. I break out more easily and my skin is super oily now. Good thing I have oil removing tissues at my disposal 😉

Food Cravings/Aversions: Nothing in particular. Anything and everything sounds good. I guess I’ve been leaning more towards sweet stuff (typical girl pregnancy right there) but I think it because that’s what’s around more. People don’t leave pizza’s in the break room (I wish), they leave cookies and cake and sweet stuff. Speaking of which, I had to REALLY keep myself from buying Nutella at the store the other day. That would just be bad. Nutella Misc: I bought more maternity clothes off of a swap n shop Facebook group. Got 3 pairs of work pants and 3 jeans for $35! I might eventually invest in some more expensive pieces, but I’m so cheap, I love a good deal 🙂

Workouts: I can finally do a weekly workout update!

Mon– Weights at home, 2m walk on treadmill
Tues– 4m on treadmill @ 9:10 pace
Wed– 4m on tread@ 9:00 pace
Thurs– Weights at home, 2 m walk on tread
Fri– 4m on tread @ 8:47 pace
Sun– 6m at 9:20 pace

Preggo Body Pump

Body Pumping at 20 wks

I was SO PUMPED to do Body Pump! It was the first time I’ve done it in about 6 months! I’ve been trying to incorporate some weights at home before I threw myself into an hour long weight lifting class and that seemed to help. I ended up doing about half the weight I usually do, didn’t use weights on the leg tracks and modified the abs. I was rocking the baby bump and had a great class! And that’s my update folks! Hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂

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What’s the last thing you craved?

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  1. Love the baby bump picture!! I think that is smart to get those clothes off a swap..I would be way to cheap to buy new clothes just to wear for a couple of months cause I wear my clothes until they.are.worn.out!! 😉

    • Yup! I have clothes from YEARS ago. It’s turned out to be quite convenient, bc they are cheap and so I can get more than if I bought them new 🙂

  2. So awesome!! You look fantastic – love the little bump!!! And I’m so happy you were able to rock the BodyPump class! We had a gal in my classes that took it all the way up until her due date – she would tilt the bench (so she wasn’t laying down) for chest/triceps and would go easy on the overhead stuff and squats – but she did great!! So glad you are getting to enjoy some workouts and mix it up a little. I found that using a pregnancy support belt helped me in that last month or so when I was running/walking/lifting – it goes under your belly and just provides a bit more support for that bump and takes some pressure off the ligaments in your pelvis. 🙂

    Last thing I craved? Probably a Belgian waffle with my Kodiak Cakes whole wheat waffle mix and strawberries! I gave into the craving and made that this morning…..yum.

    • I made all of those adjustments too 🙂 And I have a running belt! I love it. Haven’t used it for weights yet, but for running- oh ya! Mmmm waffles! I haven’t tried the Kodiak Cakes, but a lot of people seem sot use that. Must find!

  3. Looking great!!! 🙂 Love that you’re able to get back into your workouts. I’m sure it feels so nice to have that routine back. It’s so interesting to hear about different people’s pregnancy “symptoms” — they are always so different woman to woman, and pregnancy to pregnancy it seems.

  4. I barely bought any maternity clothes for my pregnancy. I got a few pieces and gift cards for my birthday and Christmas (I was around 16/17 weeks, so perfect timing) and the rest was either Target, clearance, or just bigger normal clothes. I hated spending money on clothes that only would last me a few months!

  5. You are so cute! Wow, that is willpower to resist the nutella, that’s a smoking deal! I craved ice cream all of the time when I was pregnant!

    • I almost bought it, had a few spoonfuls and gave it away… but then I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop, haha. The willpower is only there in the store 😉

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