Soooooo, These Things Happened…

HAPPY MONDAY ladies and gents! I am sick of the heat and rain, but I guess things could be worse. I actually don’t have a case of the Monday’s, so there’s another thing to be happy about. Let’s hope this week flies by and we’re enjoying the weekend again 🙂

I took another Saturday Body Pump class. My mom came and it was a good time. Again, I was rocking the Body Pump Bump (as Stephanie would call it 😉 It’s getting biiiiggggeerrrr. Always have my NUUN around when I’m working out to keep mom and baby hydrated.Body Pump Bump

Speaking of getting bigger… our little girl is a growing machine! She’s measuring a week early and is already 15oz. We had our 20 week anatomy scan last week and everything is looking great. You can see her heart chambers in this pics…Baby WInchell's Heart

She has a strong 158 heart beat and is in the 80th percentile for height and weight. I hope she slows down a bit, as I don’t want to push out a huge baby. I’d rather her be a cute chubby baby OUTSIDE of the womb, haha. She was a bit stubborn and while we got a ton of pictures, none of them were that great 🙁 She did show off her runner’s legs though…Baby Winchells Legs

OK, I promise this is the last time, but I have another preggo PR… 8 miles baby! Usually I run in the afternoon/evening after work and even though I run inside, the room still gets pretty warm with them sun beating in it all day. So when I run on the weekends in the morning, the room’s still cool. Weekend morning TV is horrible so I turned on a movie and just got in a grove. This won’t happen often, but I was happy it did 🙂

8 Mile Pregnant Run

Sooooooooooooo, I got some good news in the job department Friday… I applied for a position in the Marketing/Business Development Department within our company and I got it! Woo hooo! I guess it’s not really a promotion, more like a shift that came with more money, haha. Either way, Todd and I are stoked and I couldn’t be happier! Our first celebration was a steak dinner at my parents Sunday night.

Steak Dinner Celebration

Looks like I have a lot to be grateful for on this Marvelous Monday! <- click for more marvelousness 😉 Here’s last weeks Workouts if you’re interested…

Mon– Weights at home, 2m walk on treadmill
Tues– 4m on treadmill @ 9:15 pace
Wed– Body Pump
Thurs– Weights at home, 2 m walk on tread
Fri– 4m on tread @ 9:00 pace
Sat– Body Pump
Sun– 8m at 9:18 pace

Well my friends, there’s my weekend/week recap.
How was your weekend? Have you taken a Body Pump class?

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  1. Nice!! Congrats on the job!!! I used to do body pump all the time and loved it. then i started training for triathlons and the strength went out the window!! I really should go back now that i am in my “off-season!!”

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