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LSR - Tried it Tuesday

I tried Tim Tams… A lot of people at work have traveled to Australia and New Zealand lately and everyone keeps bringing back Tim Tams. They are are a very popular cookie there and they do this thing called a shot gun with them where they bite of the tip of opposite sides and then put one side in coffee and suck on the other side like a straw. The hot coffee sucks into the cookie making it soft and melty and oh so delicious 🙂Tim TamsI tried lemon water… and I like it! I usually drink a big thing of water on my way to work and then make this right when I get in. It’s just half a lemon, squeezed with hot water poured on top. It’s supposed to help with digestion and balance acidity. I figured, I’m only really drinking coffee when I need it, so why not start my morning with something else warm. Plus, it’s always freezing in our office.

Lemon Water

I tried a Victory Bar… I got this the other day to try something new. It was OK. I didn’t like that the chocolate chips were only on top and not throughout. The stats were pretty good with 21 grams of protein for 200 calories and no artificial sweeteners or flavors. BUT I still prefer Quest bars over these. Cookie Dough Victory Bar

I tried making my own veggie bites… I was buying veggie bites from Trader Joe’s and my sister was like, those are probably so easy to make and for so much cheaper! I took that as a challenge and made my own. I used Skinny Taste Cauliflower Tots recipe, but used broccoli instead of and you know what? They came out awesome! This is half of them. I froze half and ate the rest throughout the week. They are perfect to pull out and take to work if I don’t feel like making a veggie.
Veggie Bites

I tried a new to me flavor of Kombucha... Mystic Mango. I really liked it! I tried a strawberry one before this and wasn’t a big fan.Mystic Mango Synergy KombuchaI tried the new Lay’s Do Us A Flavor chips… I’ve done this every year since they started and it’s always interesting. First off, I want to say that I HATE that they used the regular thin chip for all of them. I personally think the ruffles hold more flavor and are more sturdy, just saying. The Gyro was my least favorite. It had a unique flavor that didn’t really taste like anything I can pinpoint. The Reuben came in second. It’s really hard to describe the flavor of these, but I liked them. And the Southern Biscuits and Gravy is the winner! They had a perfect sausagey flavor with a hint of gravy. With all three flavors you have to eat a few before you really get a good taste of the flavor. Lays Do Us A Flavor

What random thing have you tried lately?

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  1. I feel like you had a pretty successful week of trying new things! I love lemon water – I always find it helps keep my cravings at bay and amp up my metabolism.

  2. I love Tim Tams!! I was in New Zealand for a month a couple of years ago and we ate probably 30 (or more) packs of them!!! So good and brought a bunch home!!! I have a funny video of me doing a Tim Tam Slam!!
    I don’t I have tried anything new lately! 🙁

  3. I’ll have to try the Mango kombucha next time. I love the Cosmic Cranberry one!

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