Confessions and Weekly Recap

I love Brittany’sEarly Morning Confessions” posts and occasionally I steal her idea (best form of flattery ;), like today. I confess…

*I am so pale. SO. PALE. Seriously, you’d think it was winter and I was stuck inside due to a month long snow storm. It’s bad. I notice it the most in Body Pump when I’m wearing shorts and a tank. I’m trying to actually look like a Floridian and laying out when I can. I love reading while laying out. Currently reading Orphan Train and I’m digging it. Like my Kara Goucher bookmark?Belly Tanning

*I had a comparison moment. A lady in Body Pump who’s also pregnant has the same size bump as me and she’s 7 weeks ahead of me. AND it’s her third kid. I know there’s still extra fluid in there from my OHSS, but I don’t want to be huge already! I’m only a little over halfway there!

*I keep complaining about not having pants to wear to work. I’ve been wearing dresses everyday and while that’s great, especially in the heat of summer, A) it’s freezing in our building, B) it cuts my wardrobe in half and C) pants are more professional than any of my dresses I can fit into now. That being said, I came home the other day to this on my doorstep. My mom had had enough and bought me some good maternity work slacks (does that make me sound old?) from LOFT and they fit PERFECT! Thanks, Mom. Love you <3

LOFT Delivery

*I had a REALLY emotional Riley night. Like sobbing. It was the weekend, I had been thinking about her a lot that day and Todd wasn’t home and I looked across the couch and my right hand girl wasn’t there. It just put me over the edge. Call it hormones (and I’m already a super emotional person), but I was just missing her so much. My heart hurt. Sent this pic to Todd/mom/sis and they knew exactly what it meant.

Missing Riley

*I ate a whole Hershey Bar while dipping it in PB right out of the container. Yaaaa…. I’m not only an emotional person, I’m an emotional eater. So this happened after my Riley episode. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious, just totally uncalled for and excessive. Baby doesn’t need that much sugar at night.

*I had some running pain. Two weeks ago, I’d get a pain under my belly for the first 15 seconds of running. It went away after that and I was fine during my run and after. Well, after last weeks 6 miles outside, I was sore in that area the rest of the day. I called my doc and after several questions, he reassured me that everything was fine, it was more muscular and that I just needed a break. So this week I’ve been Ellipticalling. <- ya, made that up. It’s not the same as running, but if it can keep me on the path to running longer into my pregnancy, it’s a welcome friend 🙂

*I always have to get the last bit out. And that means sticking my entire hand in the jar to properly scrap out all the delicious nut butter. Just me?Hand in Jar


Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Body Pump
Wednesday: 1 hr Elliptical
Thursday: Body Pump w/ 1.75 mile walking warm up
Friday: 6 miles @ 9:20 pace on treadmill
Saturday: Body Pump w/ 1 mile walking warm up
Sunday: Elliptical

I decided to try a walking start to my running to avoid the 15 seconds of “pain.” I started walking slowly and then picked up the pace over a quarter of a mile so that it naturally turned into a run and that helped SO MUCH! I’m going to try the same thing again this week and hopefully it’ll keep me running long into my pregnancy!!!
Walk to run

This is all stuff that’s Marvelous in My Monday… even if they are confessions, weekly wrap ups and weekend recaps 😉 Makes me hope I have a great week and that YOU DO, TOO!

Confess something…

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  1. Thanks, Kristin. It was (and still is sometimes) REALLY hard. It was for the best and I know she’s in doggie heaven chasing lizards and eating doggie ice creams 🙂 My sweet girl will always be in my heart <3

  2. If I could, I would lick a nut butter jar clean. I also drink almond milk from the container (like a teenage boy)… it drive my boyfriend CRAZY haha

    • I used to let Riley lick the jars clean! Now I do, haha. I drink out of the almond milk container, too, but since the hubs doesn’t drink it, he doesn’t care. Score.

  3. Ugh, my heart broke reading that confession about Riley. Sending you a HUGE virtual hug. I love this post, and I love the cashew butter finger….please see my post today about ripping through almond butter. I did something similar, but the jar is too big to fit my hand.

    • Thanks for the virtual hug! Like I tell Jessie, hopefully one day it’ll be in person! I haven’t gotten caught up on blogs yet, today. I can’t wait to read it now!!!

  4. I have this tiny narrow spatula that scrapes the jar of nut butter absolutely clean. I just lick the spatula! I’m so impressed you are running while pregnant. I vegetated. I’m so sorry to hear about Riley. I’m a dog mama and I know there is a little hole in your heart right now. Thanks for linking with us today.

  5. That is awesome you are continuing to stay active through your pregnancy. I did not run until much later in life but I walked 5 days a week during my pregnancy an it helped me in so many ways. Thank you for linking up with us this week!

    • I’m hoping to be able to stay active the whole time. Fingers crossed I can run up until the end, but if not, walking would work! Thanks for hosting 🙂

  6. Do you have one of those belly braces yet?
    Dan is out tonight and I fixed dinner on my own. But I ate a 1/2 chocolate coconut bar before I made dinner. 2nd confession: I have zero motivation to go for a run!! Every morning I set my alarm and every morning I change it!! 🙁

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  8. That pain, round ligament pain is what it’s called. The exact reason why I didn’t run during my pregnancies. It’s not harmful but super annoying and painful from everything stretching down there!

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