Month: September 2015

What A Week

Hello there Ladies and Gents! I had a super busy, good then bad week. It started off pretty good when I finally found the Pecan Pie M&M’s. Usually Target has the specialty flavors, but theses were a Wal-Mart exclusive- a store I’m not a fan of. I had been on the hunt for them, stopping in once a week to check the candy sections and I finally found them!  I was a little disappointed that they were milk chocolate. I was hoping they’d be white chocolate like the Candy Corn ones were. There was a hint of pecan but the chocolate definitely […]


Current book: “The Last Letter From Your Lover” by JoJo Moyes. I’m about 25% through and I’m liking it so far. Current song: “Cheerleader” by Hailee Steinfeld and “House Party” by Sam Hunt. I’m a huge country music fan. Current drink: Kevita Master Brew Kombucha in the Pineapple Peach flavor. I usually get the GT brand, but this was on sale and is REALLY good! Current guilty pleasure:  Current food: STEAK! I’ve been all about the red meat lately.  Current need: To finish my baby registry. So many options and things you THINK you need. I’ve been going back and reading other bloggers lists and that helps. Current […]

I Might Be Getting To That Point

I have some Thinking Out Loud to do today… Let’s start with the light stuff… I’ve been digging frozen berry and chocolate protein powder (and of course spinach!) smoothies just as much as my pumpkin spice smoothies lately. I’m not trying to hold onto summer, as one might think. It’s going to be hot here for the next 2 months, haha. I think it just makes me want the pumpkin pie one even more the next time 😉 Still digging on my nut butter shots. Chocolate AB on the bottom <3 Just an update on my bruise… it’s like a […]

Milanos, Coffee, Sleep, Sample, Grandparents Day

Pumpkin Spice Milano Cookies. I saw these at Publix and they were BOGO, so I KNEW I had to get them after seeing them on the pumpkin list. I give them a thumbs up! Nice mix of pumpkin and chocolate and Milano goodness. They went perfect with my decaf coffee Sunday   Decaf Coffee at Home. Since starting the IUI process and even after getting pregnant, I haven’t made even one pot of coffee at home. Coffee wasn’t appealing AT ALL during my first trimester, but I started drinking decaf a bit in my 2nd tri. Sunday was rainy and dreary (one […]

Pregnancy: Weeks 21-24

It’s been another month! Let’s take a look at how my pregnancy’s going. Here are my previous updates: weeks 1-7, weeks 8-12, weeks 13-16, and weeks 17-20. We’ll start with a bump pic… Weight Gained: By 20 weeks I gained 11 lbs total. Wk 21= +0 lbs, Wk 22= +2 lbs, Wk 23= +1 lb, Wk 24= +0 lb. So by week 24 I gained 14 lbs total. Symptoms: I tend to over heat more easily. I’ve noticed I get much sweatier than normal in body pump. TMI- I also get constipated regularly and only poop (hey, everyone does it!) every few days. […]

Random, but Fun Articles

Hello there ladies and gents! Welcome to Thursday Yesterday I had the dreaded glucose test every pregnant woman has to go through. In case you don’t know- it’s a blood test given between weeks 24-28 to check if a woman has gestational diabetes. My appointment was in the afternoon and I didn’t have to fast all day like some do- THANK GOD. You have to drink a super duper sugary drink in 5 minutes (and record the time you start/finish) and then an hour later, give blood. The drink wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be, but it […]

It’s Monday, I Mean Tuesday!

I love four day work weeks! It’s the first day of work and it’s already Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day! I ended up having so much on my mind Sunday night that I wasn’t able to fall asleep until 3AM! I haven’t been up that late in forever. Guess that’ll change in a few months, haha. On the bright side, since I didn’t have work Monday, I slept in until 10AM- SUPER rare! The weather here was rainy and gloomy and I think that helped. Needless to say, I didn’t get to lay out, but I […]