WIAW: Dinner?!?

I’ve got a What I Ate Wednesday for you guys this week! I figured since my eats are pretty much the same thing, with a few variations, I’d just do a WIAW every other week. Don’t want ya’ll to get bored! With starting my new position on Monday, I’m still in the transition phase and they don’t have someone to take my place, so I’m pretty much doing two jobs- at two desks, haha. It’s keeping me busy, that’s for sure 🙂


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Pre-Breakfast: (New desk) Lemon water. Ever since I tried it a week ago, I’ve been sticking to it and enjoy the warm mug each morning.Lemon Water

Breakfast: (Old desk) The usual yogurt parfait- 2% Greek yogurt, cut up frozen berries, slivered almonds and puffed rice cereal.Mixed up yogurt parfait

(New desk) Followed by Cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla oatmeal cooked in water and topped off with coconut creamer.Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Vanilla Oatmeal

Snack: (Old desk) You know what they say… An apple a day keeps the doctor away! (I had an upictured Reese’s cup, too 😉Apple

Lunch: (New desk) There was a catered lunch at work and they put the left over food in the break room, so I snagged a salad and a bread stick! Score! It was pretty boring, though, and just had chicken, carrots, red onion, tomatoes and cheddar cheese. But hey, it was free!Boring Work Salad

I had brought Trader Joe’s Melodious Blend to got with my lunch, so I just had that and the bread stick on the side. These lentils are super good and so easy- just put into a container and warm up. Easy, delicious and healthy.Trader Joe's Melodious Blend

Snack: (New desk) I brought some cut bell peppers and carrots and paired it with some peanuts for healthy fats!Veggies and nuts

After work, I headed to the YMCA to take Body Pump. I’ve really been trying to stick with lifting and keep my muscles strong during pregnancy.

Dinner: The BP class is later in the evening and honestly, with the craziness at work, hoping back and forth between desks and working a bit later than normal, I just did not feel like cooking. SO, a smoothie it was 🙂 Pumpkin pie to be exact! Almond milk, ice, vanilla protein powder, oats, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice and spinach. Obviously the spinach won the color battle…Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Dessert: I treated myself to a Lenny & Larry’s Complete CookieDouble Chocolate. Remember, these bad boys have 16 grams of protein for the whole cookie! I was just going to have half, but that didn’t go as planned, haha. It’s like 400 calories for a whole one, but considering I had a small dinner I was cool with it.Lenny & Larrys Complete Cookie Double ChocolateI’ll get back to cooking tomorrow. Even with a busy day, it was a good one. I’m excited to delve more into my new position and enjoy me new desk… in my new office… yaaaaaaa I said office. I’ll tell you more Friday 🙂 Happy Hump Day!

Do you ever just have a smoothie or something similar for dinner?

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  1. Haha, the double desk pics were so so funny! I found myself laughing! Wow, you are one busy woman! Congrats on your new job! You rock!! I always love your food pictures! All the yummy/healthy foods! Delicious! Have a fab day! XOXO

  2. I’ve totally had a smoothie for dinner – hey it’s all that time allowed and better than nothing! And I love the new desk vs. old desk in this post… gave me a good chuckle haha

    • Me, too! I had an apple a week or so ago and it was horrible! But that was probably bc it wasn’t organic (one of the few things I buy organic) and tasted like chemicals- bleh

  3. With two boys and a husband that travels, you can bet I do smoothies for dinner, a lot. I’ve seen that protein cookie before but haven’t tried it yet…is it worth it?

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