Mac N Cheese 5k & Labor(less) Day Weekend

Happy Labor (hopefully labor less) Day weekend! My Saturday was a relaxing one. Started off with Body Pump and yard work and finished up with ice cream with my sister and baby shower invitation shopping. Which reminds me… I forgot to tell you guys about our (Kristin and I’s) evening of baseball and froyo last weekend…

Baseball Sky

Look at that sky! Rich (Kris’s BF) had a game, so I picked up froyo on the way there for us to enjoy. Little did we know we’d also have a beautiful sky as a back drop ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday was the highlight for me. I participated in the Mac N Cheese 5k. It was awkwardly timed at 10:30AM. What I dislike about that time: it’s FL and it’s freakin HOT and sunny and 10:30. What I liked: I got to sleep in. It’s not like I was going for a PR (obviously) so who cares if it was super hot? I just wanted to run a fun race. I had a nice tall glass of watermelon Nuun before I left to keep my electrolytes up and be ready for the heat.

Watermelon Nuun

I did my obligatory pre-race fierce photo, which I normally keep for marathons and halfs, but special occasions like this get one, too. I wore both my fitbit (to check my heart rate) and Garmin (for distance) but never looked at my pace- this was for fun after all.

Mac N Cheese 5k FierceThis was my first race preggers and everyone was saying Good Job Mama! and Way to go! Not gonna lie, I liked the attention ๐Ÿ˜‰ Half of the course was shaded, so that was nice.

Mac N Cheese 5k

I ended up finishing in the top 25 women overall out of about 300. Not too shabby. We got a small (TOO SMALL) bowl of mac n cheese at the end and both baby and mom were happy!

Orange Nuun

Of course I had some Nuun waiting in a cooler in the car for the drive home. Orange was the perfect flavor for the Florida afternoon. Look at this medal… Definitely one of the coolest/biggest ones I have!

Mac N Cheese 5k Medal

I don’t have much going on on Monday. Luckily, I have the day off from work. Maybe I’llย hit up some Labor Day sales to save some money (clothes and fall scented candles!), lay out and tan my pasty skin, replace Todd’s water bottle that I broke (sorry Love), oh, and vacuum. Good times.

Weekly Workouts

Mon– 4m on treadmill @ 9:10 pace
Tues–ย 2m walk on tread/ Body Pump
Wed– 1 hr on theย Elliptical
Thurs– 1.5ย m walk on tread/ Body Pump
Fri– 4m on tread @ 9:15ย pace
Sat– Body Pump
Sun– Mac N Cheese 5k race at 8:57 paceBody Pump Bump

Linking up with Erinย for my weekend snapshot,ย Katie for MIMM and theย weekly wrap!

What did/are you doing for Labor Day?

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  1. Fabulous job cutie!! You look so so amazing!! Mmm all the talk about Nuun made me thirsty!! Yum, I love Nuun! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love your fierce photo, too!! Adorable! Happy Sunday!! Have a fabulous night! XOXO

  2. 10:30? Are you kidding me? I would die. That’s WAY too hot. But, that is like the coolest medal ever. I’ve just got to say that’s an awesome time whether you are pregnant or not! Would you believe I still have not tried Nuun? I love the heart rate (and sleep) info on my Fitibt. That’s really the only reason I have it. Thanks for linking up with us today!

    • You need to try some nuun with all your muggy long runs! I love the sleep part of the fit bit too… I never reach my goal until the weekend though, haha.

  3. You are the second person I know who ran that Mac-n-cheese 5k. How fun is that? 10:30 start … that’s crazy talk in Florida. Of course, I did do a run this week at about 11 so I’m a hypocrite. You look cute as a button all preggers out there for your run. Good job!

  4. Strange that they would set a start time for 10:30 AM in Florida! I like the name of the race, though. Although I think they should make the medal a little smaller and use the leftover money to make the bowls of mac n cheese a bit bigger!

    • YES!!! I like that idea! Or just not be as cheap and give us two scoops, I mean, how expensive is mac n cheese? You DID make us run at 10:30, haha

  5. Oh my goodness 10:30 start time, in Florida! Kudos to you for you in the top 25 that is super and how cool is the Mac n cheese at the finish!!! If I were to ever talk my daughter into running one this would surely do it as she absolutely loves Mac n cheese! Thanks for linking up with us this week! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Ha! That is a HUGE medal for a 5K! And for the record, you are totally justified doing your fierce look for your first pregnant race!! way to go mama!

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