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Hello there ladies and gents! Welcome to Thursday 🙂 Yesterday I had the dreaded glucose test every pregnant woman has to go through. In case you don’t know- it’s a blood test given between weeks 24-28 to check if a woman has gestational diabetes. My appointment was in the afternoon and I didn’t have to fast all day like some do- THANK GOD. You have to drink a super duper sugary drink in 5 minutes (and record the time you start/finish) and then an hour later, give blood.

Glucose Test

The drink wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be, but it wasn’t good either. I kept mine in the fridge at work so that it was nice and cold and then chugged it when I got in my sweltering hot car to drive to the appointment. Finished that bad boy in 1.5 min! It tasted like those freezer pops you had as a kid that you bought as liquid and then froze, in the plastic tube. Like concentrated Gatorade.

OK. Onto more randomness. I have some fun articles from around the web to share with you…

I’ll start with my favorite, and one that was sent to me by Jolene– a blog reader turned friend. Utah Woman Qualifies for Olympic Trials in Her 31st Marathon. It’s about a woman who started running around the same age as me, ran her first marathon in over 4hrs, gradually decreased her finishing time while having 3 kids and went on to qualify for the Olympic trails. That’s pretty much my dream- except 2 kids and in less attempts 😉 I love reading stories like this of women who never ran track in HS or college and still went on to do big things. They motivate and inspire me!


Getting that 3:13 PR Baby!!!

Should I Skip Breakfast. The only time I ever skip(ped) breakfast was before I was pregnant and had an easy 3-6 miler in the AM. Other than that, I wake up hungry and ready to eat. I try to make the best decisions, but sometimes, with temptations at work I don’t choose the right thing, but at least it’s something!

Takeaway: “If you have the chance, choosing a doughnut rather than eating nothing at all can jumpstart your metabolism and give your body the fuel it needs. But if you’re just not hungry in the a.m., don’t sweat it: There are some benefits [possible appetite suppression] to forgoing a morning meal as well. In the end, eating a consistent and healthy breakfast is most likely the best way to ensure optimal health and energy levels.”

Asiago Bagel

Please excuse the picked off asiago cheese bits. This bagel was the perfect stand in breakfast. Is it my ideal breakfast? Yes. No. But it was tasty, kept me from getting hangry and kept me going all morning. Check out these fun, and a little weird, Oatmeal Creations from Runner’s World.

Which Witch are You? Every once in a while I just give in to the quizzes on Facebook.

I got Endora from Bewitched: “Sassy, classy, and full of charm. Despite your calm, sophisticated exterior, you are brimming with power — and you’re not afraid to use it! You have little patience for dumb mortals — but if you love someone, you protect them with all your might. You are a force to be reckoned with!” I agree with this 🙂

Benefits of Eating Lemon Peel. You know how I’ve been drinking warm lemon water in the mornings? Well turns out, I should be/ and have been eating the peel too! It’s actually not bad! I usually eat it in the afternoon after it’s sat in warm water twice (I fill it up again after lunch) and so the rind is soft and not so bitter.

Eating Lemon Peel

And that’s all I’ve got for you today. I didn’t want to overwhelm with links/article, but I hope you found at least one of them interesting 🙂 Consider this my Thinking Out Loud-ness!

Edited to Add: I had a really crappy night and I’m hoping Thursday flies by. I couldn’t fall asleep for the life of me. I had so many random thoughts running through my head and to top it off, I couldn’t stop missing Riley. It always comes on strong at night and I just cry. UGH. OK, I’ll stop being Debbie the Downer.

Lack of Sleep

Would you consider eating the lemon peel?

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  1. I didn’t mind that weird drink stuff – it tasted like flat soda to me. Granted, I wouldn’t choose it from the fridge if I had my choice, but I feel like everyone made a huge deal about how terrible it was, but it wasn’t too bad. I was lucky to be able to drink it at home early in the morning and just show up at the office an hour later.

    • Ya, it definitely wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be! My appointment was pretty convenient, too…. drank it in the car on my way to the appt., saw the doc, gave my blood and I was out!

  2. I love lemon so I would not be opposed to a lemon peel. 🙂 Interesting article about breakfast. I think it just speaks to intuitive eating, listening to our bodies and what we need. Although I’m a huge breakfast lover so I don’t understand how people don’t eat in the morning haha.

  3. Isn’t it sad that people try to freak you out before you go to the doctor? It really isn’t that bad of a drink.. I love bagels toasted with peanut butter. Hope you have a great day and get a nap hopefully

    • Funny about the nap… my boss said if I needed to shut my door for a quick nap he totally understood. I didn’t take him up on that offer, but nice to know he wouldn’t mind, haha.

  4. Yum, I love asiago cheese bagels and my friend sent me the article about the woman qualifying for the Olympic trials! Really cool!! I would consider eating lemon peel…maybe, but it’s definitely good for you, so I should do it! You rock! XOXO

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