Pregnancy: Weeks 21-24

It’s been another month! Let’s take a look at how my pregnancy’s going. Here are my previous updates: weeks 1-7, weeks 8-12, weeks 13-16, and weeks 17-20. We’ll start with a bump pic…

21 Weeks Pregnant

21 Weeks Pregnant

Weight Gained: By 20 weeks I gained 11 lbs total. Wk 21= +0 lbs, Wk 22= +2 lbs, Wk 23= +1 lb, Wk 24= +0 lb. So by week 24 I gained 14 lbs total.

23 Weeks Pregnant

23 Weeks Pregnant

Symptoms: I tend to over heat more easily. I’ve noticed I get much sweatier than normal in body pump. TMI- I also get constipated regularly and only poop (hey, everyone does it!) every few days. For me, that’s out of the norm. I was a regular once-a-day-er, haha. My feet and belly seem to be more swollen/bigger by the end of the day. Nothing crazy or uncomfortable, just noticeable.

24 Weeks Pregnant

24 Weeks Pregnant

Food Cravings/Aversions: Again this update, nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve been keeping an eye on my sugars and only indulging once a week (although I tend to over indulge), and that doesn’t even include froyo/soft serve 😉 Good news though, I passed my glucose test! I’ve been eating a lot of nut butters and nuts in general. I tend to keep dipping the spoon in the jar or my hand in the container.All the Nuts

Misc: I bought some new workout clothes that fit better. I never liked tight tops when running, but now I’m all about them to show off my bump!  My mom got me some work pants that I really like. I won this Mud Love bracelet from Carlee’s Blog. I got to pick which word I wanted off a list and I went with “family” because a) family is everything b) my family is always there for me and c) I’m starting my own family. All good things to remember and think about throughout the day.


Workouts: Took things easy after my big race last Sunday 😉 J/K, it was only a 5k. This week was the same as most. I’m just happy to be able to run still <3

Mon– Rest
Tues– 1 m walk on tread/ Body Pump
Wed– 4m on tread @ 9:22 pace
Thurs– 1.5 m walk on tread/ Body Pump
Fri– 4m on tread @ 9:15 pace
Sat– Body Pump
Sun– 1 hr on the Elliptical


This bruise from the glucose test was especially fun to show off at body pump. My veins are full and plump, but small, so I almost always bruise after giving blood. It was really fun when I had to give blood every few days for a month for the IUI. Hopefully people don’t think I’m doing drugs while pregnant, haha. I doubt they do. I’m sure it’ll look good on the elliptical on Sunday, too when my arm stretches out holding the handles (or whatever they’re called.) Linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot.

Do you bruise easily after giving blood?

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  1. I bruise horribly, I worry people will think I’m shooting heroin lol. I’m glad everything went will at the doctor, and you look so cute.

  2. Looking great mama!! I wish I could give blood, but the four times I’ve tried have all been problematic so I’ve decided perhaps it’s not the best idea for me haha.

  3. Although I work in the medical field, I am the biggest baby at giving blood. I only gave once and proceeded to pass out so I have held off ever since 🙂

  4. You are looking fantastic and I love your bump! I think it’s fun to show it off too. why hide it?! I always felt like the bump grew during the day too. Probably since you’re more full from eating/bloating/ect. I don’t tend to bruise after giving blood, thankfully. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kristen! I hate shirts that are too flowy because even now with the growing bump they can just make me look huge haha. Glad you don’t bruise!!!

  5. You are adorable!! I remember my glucose test. I failed the first one and had to do the second which was horrible. Luckily it was negative.

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