I Might Be Getting To That Point

I have some Thinking Out Loud to do today…

Let’s start with the light stuff… I’ve been digging frozen berry and chocolate protein powder (and of course spinach!) smoothies just as much as my pumpkin spice smoothies lately. I’m not trying to hold onto summer, as one might think. It’s going to be hot here for the next 2 months, haha. I think it just makes me want the pumpkin pie one even more the next time πŸ˜‰
Berry and Chocolate Smoothie

Still digging on my nut butter shots. Chocolate AB on the bottom <3

Nut Butter Shot

Just an update on my bruise… it’s like a rainbow now. So attractive.Rainbow Bruise

I bought an extra small flower plant for my desk- yes, it’s real. I also got these fun white accessories, that came with a file holder and supply holder. Eventually I’ll replace the almonds with business cards πŸ˜‰ And yesterday I noticed this little jade Buddha on my desk that someone secretly put there. Still not sure who it is, but I’ll rub it’s little belly for good luck!Office Decor

Look who liked my comment on her post! Kara Goucher baby! Makes me smile big πŸ™‚KaraLike

Speaking of running… I think my preggo running days are slowly coming to an end. I stay sore for longer, and by sore, I mean my pubic bone/ pelvic area, not my legs. I have 10-15 seconds of almost pain in the beginning of a run, which goes away and doesn’t return during or after, but still. Other than the pubic uncomfortableness, my belly feels fine.

Running Belt

It’sΒ really frustrating because obviouslyΒ I want to run my entire pregnancy. It’s really hard not to compare myself to other women who are able to run the whole time. I know that every person and every pregnancy is different, but I don’t want to accept it, haha. For now, I’ll just be running once my soreness is completely gone, so probably once a week. I want to play it smart, as it’s more important to me to be able to train post baby than get in a few miles now. Reading THIS ARTICLE really resonated with me and I know I need to listen to my body. Cue the sadness. I’m glad I’m still able to do Body Pump, the elliptical, walk, etc.MyMomRunsFasterOnsie
Umm yaaaaaaaa, I’m going to need a few onsies like this for our baby girl. Just sayin <3

Tell me something you’re thinking about…

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  1. Haha I love that onesies… so adorable, and true!!! I can’t imagine how difficult it is to listen to your body (heck I have a hard time taking days off now when I am overtired) but I really respect your ability to ! Keep it up mama you’re doing great!

    • Thanks, Jamie. I know I shouldn’t complain, we tried so hard to get to this point, but that little part in me that’s still able to be selfish comes out and just wants to run #allthe miles!
      PS Miss your blogging πŸ™‚

  2. Whaaaa? Almond butter shot?! Why have I never had this amazingness myself?! And sorry to hear that you might have to hang up the running shoes for a little while, but your body is doing a pretty freaking epic thing right now and you’ll be able to lace up again soon!!

  3. I had my first baby in July, and I had discomfort like you may be describing while pregnant between weeks 14-18, and started going to yoga regularly (pigeon and whatever the butterfly pose is called helped a lot) and then I didn’t experience the discomfort during my runs after that until late into my pregnancy. I also found if I stopped during the run to empty my bladder, that helped as well. Maybe some things to try before you completely throw in the towel…good luck πŸ™‚

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH for your suggestions! The butterfly pose is actually very uncomfortable for me right now. Border line painful πŸ™ I do think yoga would help a lot though. Congrats on your little one <3

  4. Comparison is the thief of joy!!! Do what you can do everybody is different, I never ran while pregnant. I love the little Budda. Have a great day Yay for Kara!!!!

  5. I totally get your frustration. The same exact thing happened to me. Stay positive, it’s only temporary!!

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