Month: October 2015

Our trip to Australia was pretty awesome! The flight getting there? Not so much. I flew from Tampa to LA which was about 5 hours and then it was a straight 15 hrs to Sydney. The part that sucked was that by the time I was headed to Sydney, it was midnight and my body was tired and ready to sleep, but I don’t really sleep on planes, especially when I’m alone. I was able to get in a few cat naps, but nothing that passed the time. At least the movies and food were pretty good, haha. Like all […]

Weekend Happenings

Look at me writing consistent posts 😉 After a perfectly busy week- you know, the kind where you have just enough time to get stuff/work/life done but still have a few seconds to relax- we had a low key weekend and I’m ready to tackle the last week in October. Can’t believe how quick time is flying… I guess we always say that huh?! As of Saturday, I’m 31 weeks pregnant and kicked it off with a great Body Pump class. I got this shirt at Old Navy on sale for like $5 and I LOVE IT! I’m all about the fierceness. […]

Friday Favorites: Protein Baby

Happy Friday! It’s been a pretty hectic week for me. Between getting back from Australia, celebrating my birthday, getting caught up with work, getting a car and meeting up with friends, I’ve been go go go. I can’t really complain, as I like to stay busy, but that means I’ve gone almost another whole week without blogging. Seems like I’m stuck in a rut with a one a week post. I may or may not have mentioned it on here, but I’ve been trying to keep my protein up through out pregnancy. We all know I love my carbs: pancakes, […]

My Secret

I’m ready to let you in on my secret, but first I’m going to see if you can figure it out with some clues: Started with a long flight, which meant Nuun for hydration (get 11% off for their 11th bday with NUUNTURNS11)… I landed here… Ate these…Tried to find Nemo… can you guess yet???             OK, here’s a bigger clue… AUSTRALIA!!! My secret is actually a two-parter. Before I went out there 12 days ago, Todd had been in New Zealand for work for 2.5 months. A lot of my bump growing/changing/movement was missed […]

Surprising Benefits of a Corner Office

OK, so this is a totally random post, but I was thinking about the weird “benefits” of having a bigger office with a door and just felt like sharing a few. I guess you could say these are some favorites on this Friday, because I do enjoy having the space to do them… get ready to be entertained- read: grossed out 😉 Tooting/passing gas. Ya I said it… No more holding it in for this gal. I should put the sign below on my door, haha. Don’t worry though, I keep an air freshener in there so no one ever knows! […]

Pregnancy: Weeks 25-28

I am officially in my third trimester. Woot woot! The end is (somewhat) near. When everyone asks how I’m feeling, I tell them I’m at the best stage. I’ve got a cute preggo belly and I don’t just look like I have a food baby or like I have a gut. At the same time though, I’m not huge and uncomfortable yet. It’s the honeymoon stage of pregnancy. Baby girl is doing good! Just like at our 20 wk appointment, she was not cooperating to get any good pics, so this is one of the best we got. You can see […]

Aaaaaaaaaand It’s Been a Whole Week.

Sorry guys and gals… I was on such a role with blogging every few days and after my crazy week last week, the trend somewhat continued. Between dealing with insurance crap, an extra doc appointment to check on Baby Girl, lots of work and planning a trip, I’ve had another super busy week.   The belly’s getting big. Guess it’s kind of hard to tell with the print of my dress today. My appetite has been OUTTA control. I’m trying to keep it healthy… here’s a mid week dinner: grilled pork loin, roasted cabbage, onion and carrots, steamed green beans […]

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