Aaaaaaaaaand It’s Been a Whole Week.

Sorry guys and gals… I was on such a role with blogging every few days and after my crazy week last week, the trend somewhat continued. Between dealing with insurance crap, an extra doc appointment to check on Baby Girl, lots of work and planning a trip, I’ve had another super busy week.Belly


The belly’s getting big. Guess it’s kind of hard to tell with the print of my dress today. My appetite has been OUTTA control. I’m trying to keep it healthy… here’s a mid week dinner: grilled pork loin, roasted cabbage, onion and carrots, steamed green beans and roasted potatoes that I ate off the pan since they finished cooking first and I was starving πŸ˜‰Pork DinnerThen I come across stuff like this…Β Trader Joe's Pumpkin Cookie ButterThankfully I was smart enough NOT to purchase it. I’m afraid I would’ve eaten the whole thing in one sitting and like I told my gal Christina, I wouldn’t be able to justify it like I do when I eat a jar of nut butter- at least that has healthy fats, haha. Has anyone tried this?! I NEED to know if it’s good.EllipticalStill going strong at the gym. No more running, but the elliptical and I have become BFF. I just bring my Kindle and read for an hour. Not to mention Body Pump… still loving it!car accidentFound out mid week that my car was officially totaled. Doesn’t look that bad, but it was my friends. I went to pick up the check for what it’s worth and now it’s time to start car shopping!Rice Crispy TreatThe people at the insurance place I picked up the check from had treats out for their guests, so I grabbed a rice crispy treat (haven’t had one of those in forever! well beside a healthy one a few months back) and a water. It was the perfect pre-workout fuel πŸ˜‰Cinnamon BroomI love cinnamon brooms… now these scream fall to me.Treadmill DeskWork is still pretty busy, so I worked from home a bit this weekend. I’m pretty sure everyone needs a treadmill desk because I was so productive and got in 4 walking miles. Multitasking champ! All that productivity earned me some froyo on my couch πŸ™‚Couch FroyoAnd Sunday Dinner continued with the healthy theme. We had a pot roast, using an eye of round cut of meat to keep it lean, potatoes, green beans onions and gravy. Paired with some green beans because you always need green with your meals!Roast DinnerSorry it took me so long to write again and give you aΒ Weekly Wrap UpΒ andΒ  Weekend Snapshot . I hope everyone is having aΒ  Marvelous MondayΒ because I know I am πŸ™‚

What was your last healthy dinner?

PS Sorry this post was so random and all over the place… my mind is in the same state, haha.

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  1. I hate when that happens! I do it, too sometimes. Have an awesome blogging week and then the next week it’s like I’m burnt out. That pumpkin cookie butter, oh lorrrrd!! I featured some in a giveaway I did last week, and was secretly dying that I couldn’t open it and take a spoonful!

    • You have more self control than me! I almost entered that giveaway but I’ve never done a full Instagram giveaway before. Hopefully, I’ll be back on the blogging train this week πŸ™‚ Happy Monday!

  2. Look at you how pretty that print is on your baby bump. Your such an inspiration to continue your gym work while expected. Your doing much better than I am on the healthy eating part this week. I had too many desserts. Maybe I can do better this week. Thanks for linking up with us!

    • I feel like my eating healthy is an every other week thing, haha. I do really great and then BAM someone brings in treats everyday to work and I’m too tempted. Oh well! Have a great week πŸ™‚

  3. I want to try the Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter! Yum. Car shopping is exciting! I have a healthy meal in the crock pot as we speak (well the chicken at least, with mango salsa). Kudos to you Heather for keeping up a fitness routine. I used my pregnancies as an excuse to eat and be lazy, many many moons ago. I appreciate you linking with us today!

    • Crock pot salsa chicken is one of my faves! Car shopping IS fun, but not when you’re rushed to do it. Thankfully the hubs and I work at the same place so that buys us a little more time πŸ™‚

  4. I had a really good salad over the weekend. I never get tired of salad. I wish I would have kept active during any of my pregnancies, but I didn’t I admire you for that. Your meals look so healthy. Have a great day

    • Aww thanks, I just still eat like I’m training for a marathon, so every bit of activity helps.. or else I’d gain 50 lbs, haha. I never get tired of salad either!

  5. Yum on your dinners!

    Gotta say though, nothing wrong at all with gaining 50lbs during pregnancy if that’s what your body wants…

  6. Don’t worry I had my Mother pick me up some pumpkin cookie butter. I’ll let you know how delicious it is.


  7. I’m not a mother, but mother runners inspire me. It’s amazing that you stay so active throughout your pregnancy, especially with activities like Body Pump. I only went once and it kicked my butt. Your healthy meals look delicious! I bet that Pumpkin Butter is tasty, too!

    • Glad I can be a tid bit of inspiration, but I think anyone out there working out deserves a pat on the back! I hope you went back and did Body Pump again… it takes a few times to fall in love, haha.

  8. Sorry about the car, but that looked like a 2 door car…time for a family friendly car my friend πŸ˜‰

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