Pregnancy: Weeks 25-28

I am officially in my third trimester. Woot woot! The end is (somewhat) near. When everyone asks how I’m feeling, I tell them I’m at the best stage. I’ve got a cute preggo belly and I don’t just look like I have a food baby or like I have a gut. At the same time though, I’m not huge and uncomfortable yet. It’s the honeymoon stage of pregnancy.

Baby Winchell 27 Wks

Baby girl is doing good! Just like at our 20 wk appointment, she was not cooperating to get any good pics, so this is one of the best we got. You can see her nose and mouth. The white thing coming down from her mouth is her tongue and throat.

Big Belly

She’s 2.7 lbs and in the 55 percentile for growth. That would explain the bigger belly! I honestly don’t have many bump pictures other than those at the gym, but I promise I’ll start getting better now that my weekly changes are more apparent.

Weight Gain= I gained 14 lbs as of 24 weeks. Wk 25- 0, Wk 26- 1, Wk 27- 1, Wk 28- 1. Total by 28 weeks: 17 lbs.Wk 24 27

Cravings/Aversions= This is the same as last time. I’m boring and haven’t craved anything other than food in general. I’m trying to be conscious of what I put in my mouth- making healthy choices that will help my baby grow. That option doesn’t always win out, but at least I’m trying 😉

Chicken KabobsSymptoms= It doesn’t really affect me in my everyday life, but when it comes to working out, I get sweaty much easier and quicker than I used to. My boobs leak. Hopefully this means I’ll be a milk producing machine! I get an uncomfortable tightness in my upper belly right under my bra line every night. Not sure if it’s because my stomach is full and stretching/pushing up or if it’s my posture deteriorating throughout the day, but it’s annoying- and yes, I know it will get worse. Sleep is hit or miss- more hit than miss though. I seem to have to blow my nose more often and half the time there’s some trace of blood in it. Same thing with flossing. I can’t floss now without my gums bleeding. OH! And my feet sweel by the end of the day, especially my ankles.

Yup... that's boob leakage overnight. So Weird.

Yup… that’s boob leakage overnight. So Weird.

Workouts= I’m not running anymore since I started getting pain for the first 30 seconds or so of running in my pubic region. I could probably still run.  I’m not hurting the baby. She’s packed in there well with lots of fluids and surrounding organs to protect her… I’d only be hurting myself. And it’s not worth risking getting hurt to run 3 miles a few time during pregnancy. I’d rather do everything I can to be able to train post baby! I’m still doing cardio through walking and the elliptical. And of course my fave Body Pump!


Ellipticalling at 28 Weeks

Misc= I’ve purchased some more maternity specific tops/shirts, dresses and jeans. I now wear 75% maternity clothes. I haven’t really talked about it yet, but I’m feeling her move ALL THE TIME! It’s pretty weird and exciting at the same time. Sometimes I get distracted at work just feeling her move. Todd can feel her, too and is loving it. Makes is so much more real <3

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Sorry AGAIN it took me so long to write AGAIN and give you a Weekly Wrap Up and Weekend Snapshot . I hope everyone is having a  Marvelous Monday because I know I am 🙂

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  1. You are doing great! It is such an exciting time for you and your husband, enjoy every minute cause I promise ya the thing I missed most about being pregnant was not being able to feel my baby move inside me! It is just an awesome feeling. 🙂 But that feeling is soon replaced with being able to actually hold, cuddle and nurture that sweet thing! Thanks so much for linking up with us this week! Hope you have a good week!

    • I’ve had a few mommy friends tell me they miss feeling the kicks A LOT! I just can’t wait to meet her! Hope you’re having a great week, too!!!

  2. That baby bump is adorable. You’ve done great with your weight gain and staying active too. I can remember being extra sweaty, because I had a bun in the oven I guess. LOL. Enjoy this last stage! I suspect she will be doing lots of exercising just like her Mama. Thanks for linking with us!

  3. The one thing I miss about pregnancy is feeling the kicking. That was my favorite part!!

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