Surprising Benefits of a Corner Office

OK, so this is a totally random post, but I was thinking about the weird “benefits” of having a bigger office with a door and just felt like sharing a few. I guess you could say these are some favorites on this Friday, because I do enjoy having the space to do them… get ready to be entertained- read: grossed out 😉

Tooting/passing gas. Ya I said it… No more holding it in for this gal. I should put the sign below on my door, haha. Don’t worry though, I keep an air freshener in there so no one ever knows!

Fixing a wedgie. And yes, I said it again. Just being honest here. Sometimes you get a wedgie and you just have to pick it. Now I can. In the privacy of my office 🙂

Taking a nap. JUST KIDDING! Although, my boss did say I could do that if I needed 😉

Eating stinky foods. Broccoli, asparagus, tuna fish, brussel sprouts and whatever other smelly foods I want can be eaten without having to worry about bothering other people. At my old desk, I’d make sure the people around me were off to lunch or in a meeting before I ate my healthy stinky lunch haha. Not any more 🙂

Broccoli and Asparagus Tuna

Making personal calls. OK, so this isn’t surprising, but it is nice! Would’ve been great when I was going through the IUI process and having to talk to my doc every few days about my hormone levels and eggs and follicles, haha. It’s also come in handy with all the insurance calls because of the car accident.

What are some benefits you can think of that I can take advantage of?

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