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Look at me writing consistent posts 😉 After a perfectly busy week- you know, the kind where you have just enough time to get stuff/work/life done but still have a few seconds to relax- we had a low key weekend and I’m ready to tackle the last week in October. Can’t believe how quick time is flying… I guess we always say that huh?! As of Saturday, I’m 31 weeks pregnant and kicked it off with a great Body Pump class. Fierce Body PumpI got this shirt at Old Navy on sale for like $5 and I LOVE IT! I’m all about the fierceness. I use that mantra, if you will, while training and racing and it just felt so fitting to use during pregnancy, too. I DO feel fierce working out while pregnant, even if it’s not running 😉 I got home and made pancakes for brunch and they smiled at me, letting me know they were indeed what I should be having…Smiley PancakesLater that afternoon I got a pedicure with some girlfriends for my birthday. They had mimosas and I had a pumpkin pie smoothie from Smoothie King. It was deliciously filled with crap calories and no nutrition, but at least it was good! That night Todd and I went with my parents to a Rowdies soccer game. Thankfully it’s gotten a bit cooler here and we weren’t drenched in sweat, but we were still gleaming.Rowdies game Rowdies SoccerSunday was lazy. Walked on the treadmill, went grocery shopping, food prepped and hung out. Todd has gotten into our family ancestry for Baby Winchell and has been researching through Ancestry.com. My grandma is SUPER into lineage, so we went over to her house in the afternoon to dig a little deeper. We learned quite a bit. It’s pretty interesting to see old documents and pictures from great great great great great grandparents.Ancestry.com

We left there and went to my parents to dig into my dad’s side of the family. Again, more interesting stuff 🙂 We stayed for Sunday Dinner (obvs) and had pork loin, green beans and roasted butternut squash and sweet potatoes. My sister confessed she wasn’t a huge butternut squash fan, so I finished off hers, too- thanks, Kris!Sunday Dinner

Linking up today with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katie for MIMM and the weekly wrap!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Heather, you ARE fierce for working out while pregnant! And I love that shirt. Do you ever watch TLC’s Who Do You Think You Are? Some of the people highlighted have very interesting family trees. I should do some research on my own heritage. You never know what you will find. Have a wonderful week and thanks for linking with us today!

    • I have seen that show before! I think the commercials from that got Todd so hooked, haha. It’s pretty interesting to see where your family is from and how names change and all that.

  2. Heather I totally agree with you this whole month has just flown by! Great job on your workouts. I don’t know how you do it but you look great doing it and I do love the shirt, great steal! Thank you for linking up with us and I hope you have a great week.

    • There are some fun stories we’ve come across! It’s really cool to see old censuses and military records 🙂 And thanks… If only sticking out your belly was always flattering, haha

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