Sydney, Australia

Our trip to Australia was pretty awesome! The flight getting there? Not so much. I flew from Tampa to LA which was about 5 hours and then it was a straight 15 hrs to Sydney. The part that sucked was that by the time I was headed to Sydney, it was midnight and my body was tired and ready to sleep, but I don’t really sleep on planes, especially when I’m alone. I was able to get in a few cat naps, but nothing that passed the time. At least the movies and food were pretty good, haha.

Like all of our vacations, most of the activities we did were active. We went to Bondi beach to watch the surfers and walk along a gorgeous path along the coast. The weather was perfect, as their seasons are opposite of ours so it was Spring and cool and sunny.Bondi Beach

We went to a wildlife park called Featherdale, where we were able to pet koalas (not sure why those pics are so grainy). Sorry to break it to ya, but they aren’t as soft as you’d think. Their fur/hair was more coarse.KoalasWe got to feed kangaroos! It was really neat. They were softer than the koala’s. They also didn’t really want the “food” they just wanted the cone the food was in.


We also saw, in order, a wombat, large kangaroo, dingo, tasmanian devil and crocodile.


Our next adventure was hiking in the Blue Mountains. They were beautiful! The Three Sisters rock formation (bottom left pic) is a highlight there and in real life is pretty cool. Pictures can never do nature justice. Everyone was impressed that the pregnant girl was on a hike. I secretly loved it, haha. We got to one waterfall that had a decent size wading pool and there were a few young girls there. Our tour guide told them we were about to do a water birth if they would be interested in helping out/watching. Their faces were priceless!

Blue Mountains

Stay tuned for posts on Cairns and Melbourne! In non Australia related news… my girlfriend Jessie from Jessie Loves To Run has entered her daughter into the Gerber Baby Photo contest. Take a second to VOTE HERE with her ID number: 205712 Thank you 🙂 By this time next year I can enter my little girl <3


These are my Thinking Out Loud Thursday thoughts AND my Friday Favorites! Gosh I love traveling 🙂


What’s your longest flight been?

PS I’m in the middle of revamping HRF so bare with me. I switched to self hosting so I’m looking through themes and seeing what I want. If things look different every time you visit, that’s why, haha. I appreciate your patience.

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  1. Awesome!! Looks like such a fun trip!! The new blog layout is cute!!! Nice job!!! My longest flight was San Fransisco to New Zealand. I think it was about 12hrs. It was super easy with the food and movies. I think I slept for most of the flights. I’m a good sleeper on planes. I definitely thank my lucky stars for that one!! 🙂

    • You are SO lucky you can sleep on planes! And you must have had a great tail wind to get from San Fran to NZ that quick! Lucky on both fronts!

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